Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Shadow of Death by James Runcie: workaday detective cleric

A nice enough collection of short stories about the fictional crimes solved by Revd Sidney Chambers during the 1950s, but nothing seriously good to write home about. I think I started off enjoying it but, as I went through the different scenarios, they became very similar and I became rather annoyed with Sidney. He's exceedingly bland, plus I was very cross at how casually he treated poor Amanda who was desperately in love with him, but he doesn't have the emotional wherewithal to deal with it. Sigh. She could do a lot better.

Mind you, Inspector Keating is a good character, and I liked Sidney's housekeeper too - they both have a lot to put up with. However, I won't be staying around for the remaining five books in the series.

Verdict: Bland. 3 stars

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