Sunday, February 02, 2014

My ideal bishop: dream on, eh ...

Heavens above. Guildford Diocese is actually 'seeking opinions' on what we might want our next bishop to be like. There's a first, eh! And here's what I've sent them: 

"Just a quick email about Guildford's next bishop, as I gather opinions are being asked for round the diocese. Since the women bishops debacle and the C of E's upsetting stand against same-sex marriage, I have to admit to being significantly less of a church-going Anglican than I once was, and indeed for those reasons no longer actually count myself as Anglican. But, in case anyone in the higher echelons of the C of E might possibly be listening, I'd personally love to have a woman bishop or - if that's impossible - a man who's 100% committed to women bishops. It would also be great to have a person who supports same-sex marriage in the church and isn't ashamed to say so - but no doubt that will prove to be impossible in the current Church climate.

In an ideal world, I'd choose Revd Lucy Winkett - but, in all honesty, if I was her, and with what she's been through at the hands of the Church, I'd run a mile to avoid the 'honour'!…

Every good wish to you."

I doubt anyone in the Church hierarchy is actually listening to anything, but at least I've had my say ...

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