Sunday, April 07, 2013

Time, justice and love

Book News:

I'm delighted to announce that today my gay thriller Maloney's Law is republished by Amber Allure Press and available for the first time in ebook format. The blurb is:

Paul Maloney, a small-time private investigator from London, reluctantly accepts a case from his married ex-lover, Dominic Allen. Before he knows it, Paul finds himself embroiled in the dark dealings of big business and the sordid world of international crime. The deeper he pushes, the closer he comes to losing everything he holds dear.
Can he solve the mystery and protect those he loves before it's too late?
Maloney's Law was shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize 2006 (for novels set in London) and the Royal Literary Fund Scheme, and longlisted for the Betty Bolingbroke-Kent Novel Award.

Over at the Amber Allure blog, you can find out more about my borderline autistic Private Investigator and the major issues he has with time, justice and love, as well as enjoying an extract from the novel. And don't forget that Amber Allure will be discounting the book for the first week only, so it's the ideal time to buy! Thank you.

Meanwhile, gay comedy Who Moved My Holepunch? is now available at Amazon UK and Amazon US. During the week, it gained one review at Brief Encounters and another at Hearts On Fire. Many thanks to both reviewers for these.

Not to be outdone, gay erotic menage story The Delaneys, My Parents and Me was briefly in the Top 100 Erotic Gay Fiction charts at Amazon UK, so that gave me a nice little lift. As it were.

I've also completed a brief interview about my latest fantasy novel, Hallsfoot's Battle, and you can discover more about danger, destruction and mind-reading here. Enjoy!

Finally in this section, I'm very happy indeed to be one of the authors signed up with new gay fiction publisher, Wilde City Press, which launches later in April. Don't forget to sign up on their new website and be part of one of the best presses in town! And how I love their new Anne Brooke branding - hey I look almost fashionable, don't you know ...

Life News:

This weekend, spring has been out in almost full force, hurrah. Yesterday, I potted up cornflowers, marigolds and pinks, weeded everything and watered all the rest of the pots too. I even sat in the garden and read my book, well gosh. Today I've spotted two wagtails and a chaffinch, the crocuses are at last fully in bloom and the bees are humming around the heather as if it's the only food in the garden. Which, bearing in mind the apple blossom's not yet out, it probably is.

Also yesterday, I attempted to make Fudge Cupcakes, which was something of a disaster, my dears. Alas and alack. The cake part is fine - though I'm sure the inclusion of fudge in the mixture makes it stickier than it should be - but the icing is terrible. I followed all the instructions to the letter, but sadly it just looks like a cement mixture exploded on my buns (if I'm allowed to type that in public ...). Still, K assures me they taste nice - and as long as we remember to lift the icing off and tackle it as a side dish, all remains well. Ho hum.

This week, I've also played some exceptionally chilly golf where even the fairways (on the rare occasions I'm on them) had ice in places. But it was still wonderful to be out as I don't seem to have been able to get on the course for weeks. I do hope it's a tad warmer next time though.

Meanwhile, I'm under doctor's orders to cut down on my Happy Pills, so now I'm taking one every other day, rather than one a day. So far so good, though I must admit to being a bit nervous about it. I've got a telephone appointment with the doctor in two or three weeks' time, so hope things remain well for then.

Speaking of health, as I come from a family who are very prone to bowel cancer (we tend to die from either that or diabetes - but hey it's great to have a choice!...), may I draw your attention to the wonderful and very useful Beating Bowel Cancer website. April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month, so be sure to join the excellently named Bowel Movement to support the fight against what is one of the deadliest cancer in the UK, as well as being the least talked about. Thank you.

Turning finally to movements of a less physical and more spiritual nature, this week the Angry Anglican takes on Romance, Religion and Retirement - which is quite a mix really. Happy reading.

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Your host said...

what lovely and exciting book news, good to see Paul being republished, about time too... everything is all a whirlwind of activity and creation, how jolly and spring like.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jason! All very whirlwindy at the moment - maybe spring has sprung! :))