Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Tour grand finale: sex, faith and bullying

The final day of my blog tour for The Heart's Greater Silence is here. Today (and indeed yesterday but I couldn't blog about it as I've not been well ...) you can find me at:

Riptide Ripples - where I talk about why Riptide Books and I are a perfect fit.
Bitch Factor 10 - where I reveal the close links between sex and faith in my fiction.
Jeff Erno's Blog - where I discuss my own experiences of bullying and how we can all support the vital anti-bullying campaign. It's a subject very close to my heart indeed, as you can probably tell.

I hope you gain something from these articles, and don't forget that if you leave a comment on any of them today, then you're still in with a chance of winning a variety of book prizes. Tomorrow, the winners will be picked. Good luck, all!

I'm also happy to announce that I now have an author page at QMO Books, so many thanks to the lovely Serena Yates for arranging that for me.

Finally, as above, I'm not terribly well at the moment - the usual nasty cold/catarrh attacks, so I didn't go into work yesterday, and I've not slept much over the last couple of days and certainly haven't been eating anything. However, today I think I'm slowly on the mend (hurrah!) as I've actually managed to have a bath and get dressed and clean my teeth - so jolly good news if anyone happens to call. Though I wouldn't recommend it, to be honest, as I still look like a reject from an old Hollywood horror film or, as a friend of mine once admitted: something that died ten years ago but hasn't yet realised it. Ah, such truthfulness is what friends are for, you know ...

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Nithu said...

I've never followed a blog tour before, so I don't know if yours is typical, but I've really enjoyed yours :)

I think I'd expected lots of similar posts at various blogs, but you've found something different and interesting to say at all of them. Maybe this is why you're such an interesting author :)

I hope you're over your lurgy soon.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Nithu - I tried to make them all different somehow so very glad it worked :)) And thank you so much for following - I've thoroughly enjoyed your company!!

Hugs galore


Loveless3173 said...

Aw! sorry to hear that you're sick!! DD: hoping you get and feel better soon! >o<

Heh, I really had fun on your blog tour! :D Glad I was able to make it for... pretty much all of the posts! lol..

Anne Brooke said...

Many thanks - I'm getting there!! And so lovely for you to join me - I've thoroughly enjoyed your company - thank you!!!