Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Tour Day 8

For today's leg of my blog tour, you can find me firstly at my own blog looking at fun facts about Guildford (and yes, people, there are some, trust me ...), and secondly at the Literary Nymphs site looking at the inspiration behind The Heart's Greater Silence. Don't forget to leave a comment on either or both blogs to be in with a chance of winning the ongoing competitions.

I'm also very happy to say the story has received a couple of good reviews today: a 5-star one from Sheila at Goodreads (many thanks, Sheila!); and a 4.5 star one at Joyfully Jay Reviews (thank you, Jay).

Meanwhile, in my other life, I'm back at work today, and have managed to deal - fairly successfully, I hope - with the 158 emails waiting for me from my week away. It's actually nice to be back into the routine again - I'm such a creature of habit ...

Plus I'm looking forward to Whitechapel on TV later tonight, hurrah. Utter tosh, but wonderful tosh and such marvellous characters. I'm seriously hooked.

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