Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Tour Day 7

Yes, it's already Day 7 of my blog tour and I'm in two places at once today, so hope you'll be able to join me at one or other of them, or maybe even both: first off, I'm looking more closely at the short story format at Brief Encounter Reviews; and then I'm revealing how I started writing The Heart's Greater Silence at Jadette Paige's site.

And don't forget if you leave a comment on any of the blog tour posts, then you're in with a chance of winning a plethora of prizes!

I'm also thrilled to announce that from 23 February to 3 March I will be Author of the Week at Pants Off Reviews - and this will also include a fun competition so mark the date in your diaries to avoid disappointment. I'm very much looking forward to that one.

The Sunday haiku is:

The silence of snow
rises through my cloudy breath
in this frosted prayer.

I'm very much having a chill-out day today, as I'm back at work tomorrow so it's going to be hugely busy for a while. Can't wait for my afternoon nap - bring it on ... Hope you all have a lovely rest of Sunday, and happy snoozing.

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