Monday, September 28, 2009

Freshers' Week Day One


Up at 6am. In office at 7.45am. At Information Point from 8am. 5 minute lunch. Packed up at 4.15pm. Back to office. Worked on admin until 6.15pm. Shattered.

That's it really.

Anne Brooke - the one with no brain left
The Bones of Summer - about two men who didn't go to University (phew!)


Vicki said...


No 'today's nice things' then?

Don't worry, tomorrow's a new day.

Vicki xx

Anne Brooke said...

None found, I fear!


Jason Shaw said...

It may have not been nice for you today, but just think, all the help you gave those freshers, you've ensured that the trauma that is freshers week has gotten off to a great start.

Anne Brooke said...

One hopes so, Jason!!!