Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bones reviews and writers group

Am really delighted to say that Moira has given The Bones of Summer a very kind review at Vulpes Libris which you can read here. Thanks, Moira – much appreciated!

And here’s today’s meditation:

Meditation 220

For the lack
of a few coins

they hold back
from the kitty,

Ananias and Sapphira
lie dead

amongst the new disciples.
It’s not my idea

of a caring church
at all.

It’s a strange part of the bible for sure. And doesn’t exactly encourage church giving, ho ho.

At work, I’m busy with those dang meeting arrangements and attempting to tidy things up before my holiday. I’m also trying to write up the minutes of yesterday’s meeting, but I fear confusion reigns. Again. Plus we’ve had to arrange an urgent Welcome event for this coming Sunday (arrghh!!) that we didn’t know about until today, so I’ve been scrabbling around frantically for rooms and catering, and trying to work out a last-minute publicity flyer. Honestly, I’ve barely had time to breathe …

Took the Writers’ Group at lunchtime, which was fun. If scary, as ever. I’m not a natural group leader, by a long long chalk. But I gave them a writing game about historical events and how they might have been. I think they enjoyed it.

Tonight, I’m tackling the last 80 pages of the edit to Hallsfoot’s Battle, and looking forward to the glorious darkness of The Fixer on TV. Perfect Tuesday viewing.

Today’s nice things:

1. The Bones of Summer Vulpes review
2. Poetry
3. Writers’ Group
4. Editing Hallsfoot
5. TV.

Anne Brooke – scary but nice. Honestly …
The Bones of Summer: casting a knowing eye over the human condition (thanks, Moira!)

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