Saturday, June 06, 2009

Race for Life - we did it!!!

Well, we've finally done it! The Top Team of Penny's Pals (ie Andrea, Tasha, Clare and me) have done the Race for Life and so far we've raised £485 for Cancer Research, hurrah! It was a fabulous time, in spite of the rain, and I really really like the concept of being applauded when I cross a finish line. Bring it on!... Actually, I think I shall hire a band of followers to applaud me every time I enter a room - now, that's living ... Mind you, I needed the applause by then as we didn't exactly hang around - the walkers set a cracking pace and we did the whole thing in an hour. Astonishing. I also never knew there were quite so many hilly bits in Stoke Park, but heck I do now. So, a big thank you to Andrea, Tasha and Clare for being part of the A Team, and a big big thank you to all of you who've sponsored us - it's hugely appreciated. Thank you. And, of course, a special big thank you to Lord H who picked me up afterwards and had even bought me some chocolate. What a super-hero.

This morning's meditation is:

Meditation 144

The word
is a dry frame,

a scaffold
waiting to be filled

with something,
we know not what:

a small slow pulse
of sound

where, if you bathe yourself
in silence,

you can hear
the river flow.

I've managed to write another scene of Hallsfoot's Battle, which brings me to the mop-up chapter. I've written a fair amount of this already, so I need to add another major scene or two in, and check the flow and logic of it with what's gone before. But I feel the end of the first draft might just be in sight, hurrah. When I get there, it'll definitely be time for more applause.

Sticking to literary matters, I've just signed off the final version of my short story, The Voyage, for the Real Bible Stories Anthology 2009 for Bridge House Publishing. So that's another tick off the list. Plus I'm posting excerpts of my GLBT novels in the Coffee Time Romance GLBT chat day so if you're in the mood (as it were), do come along and join in the fun. There's some great authors and some kick-ass books in the mix.

Tonight I'll be glued to Primeval - the last episode I think! Hell, I'm going to miss it. And there's some comedy on too, which might be the perfect end to a very worthwhile day.

Today's nice things:

1. Taking part in the Race for Life day
2. Poetry
3. Writing more of Hallsfoot
4. Signing off The Voyage
5. Taking part in a virtual GLBT chat
6. TV.

Anne Brooke - packing a heck of a lot into her day

Cancer Research Race for Life Day - we did it!!


Jilly said...

Well done you - all of you!!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks hugely, Jilly!



Anonymous said...

That is wonderful Anne! It's so important to keep fundraising so we can find that cure. Over here a horror story has unfolded for a client/friend of mine. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a month and a half ago and is halfway through her chemo. Tragically, her husband's cancer is back and he may not make it. They are only in their early fifties with a young child to raise, so please send up a prayer for them.

Anne Brooke said...

Oh Val, that's so awful. How horrific - sending huge love and hugs and lots of prayers for them both. One day we'll find a cure, I know it ...


sexy said...
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