Friday, June 05, 2009

Maloney review and a Baroque afternoon

I'm blogging early today as I really must be away to London in an hour (of which more later), and I haven't eaten lunch yet, sigh. I must say though that the really thrilling thing about today is the lovely review I've received from Clare London on Amazon UK about Maloney's Law, which you can read on Amazon or indeed below:

"Plenty of other reviewers have stolen the words I might have used *haha*, so I'll happily endorse them all and add my reader's perception. The book was a delicious bolt from the blue to me, strong and sexy and passionate and anguished and complex and realistic and hopeful - all the things that Paul himself embodies! I loved the fresh approach to what is a mix of crime, psychological drama, romantic relationships, occasionally shocking violence and sly detection. Paul drives it all without becoming either pathetic or arrogant or irritating. Anne's writing is sympathetic while bringing you the reality of life, she can describe his thoughtfulness and pathos just as vividly as his decisive action. Paul's relationship with Dominic was so bold and so poignant in all its stages, it made me ache for them both. The secondary characters shone, the setting was a delight to me, another London-ite. I loved it and was sorry to see it end! She has another book in the same setting out in 2009, though I don't think it's strictly a sequel, and I'm really looking forward to it."

Gosh, many thanks indeed, Clare! I'm very grateful indeed. So glad you enjoyed Maloney. I'm hoping you'll like The Bones of Summer when it's out on 22 June just as much.

And here's this morning's meditation:

Meditation 143

The boundary stone
has been waiting

for four long books,
nineteen chapters

and fourteen verses
to be noticed

and when it is
it’s for one verse only:

gone before you realised
it was there.

I know how it feels

The curse of the mid-40s woman, eh - the ability to be totally invisible, even with the use of binoculars. Ah, it's a gift, you know ...

For the rest of the day, I've done/will do the following:

1. Written the start of another scene post-war in Hallsfoot's Battle, and that appears to be flowing well at the moment, so let's hope that continues.

2. Had an Alexander Technique lesson and been de-twisted. If only Linda could de-twist the inside as well as the out, we'd all be laughing. Lord H more than anyone.

3. Go to see the Baroque Exhibition at the V&A with Jane W - so am looking forward to glorious art and chat.

So today's nice things are basically all the above, with the possible exception of the middle-years vanishing talent. Though even that can come in handy on occasions of course ...

Anne Brooke - aiming for strong and sexy and passionate and anguished and complex and realistic and hopeful, all at the same time: heck, no wonder she's tired ...

Cancer Research Race for Life - 1 day to go to the Race and only £10 to go to reach our target!


Jilly said...

Great review, Anne

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly!