Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Publicity tasks and Race for Life preparation

Another scorcher of a day today. If only we could be lying in the gardens, eh. Though it's really rather more than a tad too hot for me, I fear. Anyway, here’s today’s meditation:

Meditation 140

It is perhaps
in the leftovers

of five small loaves
and two fish

that wisdom
can be found,

but I have
let wisdom

slip through my grasp
so often

that I can no longer
taste it.

At work, we’re starting the long arduous lead-in to Freshers’ Week in September. I am attempting to go through last year’s publicity material to see what needs changing and what needs adding. Copious amounts, I fear … The exhausting haul of summer beckons.

I’m also putting last-minute arrangements in place for our Cancer Research Race for Life event on Saturday – so at least the four of us who constitute Penny’s Pals will have a fighting chance of actually meeting up in the general throng. I’m getting quite excited about it now, I must say. Mind you, when I mentioned the necessity of bringing water, sun-cream and a suitable hat, Andrea suggests I might like to bring along a portable drip too, just in case – so I fear that public opinion of my state of fitness is not great. They’re probably right too. Even Lord H wonders if he’ll be able to drag me back into the car afterwards. And we’re only walking it. In the meantime, if you haven’t donated yet, you still have time so here’s the link again, just in case you missed it earlier in this paragraph.

We spent our lunch hour listening to the Vice-Chancellor give us an overview and pep talk about the future. Maybe we should have had it outdoors? Might have been more pleasant then - the room was way too hot for concentration. Indeed it was all very well-meaning and full of good stuff, I'm sure, but the mind-numbing management-speak and wild use of acronyms meant I was really unable to grasp any of it. Sigh.

Tonight, I’ll be glued to Springwatch, and then I hope to catch up with the poetry programme with Sheila Hancock that I videoed last week. And I’m still thinking about my short story about letters and deceit. It’s slow but bubbling away. Somewhere …

Today’s nice things:

1. The weather, sort of
2. Poetry
3. Race for Life preparations
4. TV
5. Short story thoughts.

Anne Brooke - cultivating numbness in the heat
Cancer Research Race for Life - 4 days to go!


Anonymous said...

I know of the mind numbing management droning you mention. I don't miss those rah rah sessions a bit. Oh, Anne...I DID IT. It's on lulu.com The Adventures Of Granny Destross And CeeCee. Wish me luck with it. :) hugs

Anne Brooke said...

Fabulous news, Val - very well done to you!!! Is there a link to it at all???!!!