Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Poems, leaves and Sadomasochism

Now there's a title I've always wanted to use. Soooo satisfying that I can at last, hurrah. Anyway, some good poetry news today as eMuse webzine have accepted six of my meditation poems for publication in March. Well gosh. Talking of which, here's the latest:

Meditation 64

In the midst of blood,
sex, semen

you find
one small silver coin.

It glitters
like a tiny moon.

Lift it up
and press it close,

a talisman for good
while you wait

for healing.

Ah, the Bible readings are getting a little hot under the collar now, as you can see. Whoever said the Good Book was all sweetness and light? Not the chapters I'm reading for sure ...

And it's been another day at home today while the University waits to open. Which it intends to do tomorrow. Sadly though, Lord H has managed to get into work, though it took him a good hour. But that's not much compared to other people's journeys, I gather. Commiserations to all is what I say. Whilst at home, I've taken the opportunity to finish my short story on branches, which I've now retitled to be The Simple Fact of Leaves. Much more poetic, to my mind. This story has a touch of magic realism also, so that's twice I've used a hint of that genre in 44 years. Goodness me, whatever next, Carruthers.

There are also two pieces of pleasing review news. Not mine, but other people's. First off, my review of Tania Hershman's The White Road and Other Stories now appears on the HagsHarlotsHeroines website and you can read it here. In addition, the marvellous Vulpes Libris review site has posted my review of Rosy Barnes' lively and naughty novel Sadomasochism for Accountants and you can have fun with that here. Enjoy! And extra magical bonus points to Vulpes for publishing my piece the day after I submitted it - that's the quickest turnaround for a piece of writing I've ever had! Now if only novel publishers would be more like that, eh ... Dream on.

After all that excitement, I've even had time for a much-needed nap and feel hugely more rested now. Well, all this writerly activity is so exhausting, my dears. I'm not strong, you know ... Somebody pass me my smelling salts and the TV remote. Talking of which, there's a nice smattering of TV on this evening. I'm catching up with Who Do You Think You Are?, then it's the continuation of Oz & James's drunken tour, and I'm also planning to see yesterday's video of Moses Jones. Ooh, and I have to say that the new, very adult crime drama, Whitechapel, is utterly wonderful. I loved it. I loved the very spiky but gripping relationship between the posh, OCD cop and his down-to-earth & cynical sidekick, I loved the dark, grimy London setting and I loved the dark, grimy plot. More please. Much more. How I hope they make it into an ongoing series - Lord H and I would be glued.

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry acceptances
2. Poetry
3. Another bonus day off
4. Finishing my short story
5. Two reviews
6. Napping
7. TV.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - enjoying a rather satisfying day


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, I'm going to take a trot over in a minute and read your reviews. I love reading your words and your blog always sets the bar very high for others I read. I've also got a feeling you and Mary Shelley have more in common than your acquaintance with Byron. You do love the dark stuff eh? Is there a modern 'Frankenstein' in your writing future? I hope so because I think it would be brilliant. :)

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Val - that's most kind of you!! Gosh! You're right about the dark stuff though - there's definitely several Frankenstein's monsters in my novels so far! And maybe some in the future too ...