Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A day for lying low

Feel utterly numb after the rollercoaster ride of yesterday, which is probably a good thing. Here’s this morning’s meditation anyway (I’m a stickler for routine):

Meditation 78

If I’d had to match my pace
to that of my family

I’d never have seen
half the sights

I’ve seen now
so this strange commandment

finds no resting place
on my skin.

Sometimes you have to leave behind
what is expected, familiar,

in order to find
a place for yourself at all.

Am lying low at work today – I think I’m calmer if I just say as little as possible and get my head into the minutes. The De-Stress pills I took this morning seem to be helping too, thank goodness. Oh and on the way in, I saw they’ve finally unveiled the stag sculpture which has been standing at the University entrance for a good few days now, covered in blue wrapping and looking suspiciously like a rather tacky Bambi. We’ve all been worried about what this might say about us … However, I’m glad to report that now it’s been fully revealed it’s actually rather more attractive than anticipated. And not tacky at all. A nice shape of silver with a good use of space. Pleasingly modern in fact.

At lunchtime, I took the University Writers’ Group for our monthly scribbling session, which was something of a light relief after yesterday’s traumas, and the general numbness of today. I think they liked the writing game too – in the end. It was rather challenging though ...

This afternoon, I felt a bit better – more human really though I’m still keeping my head down. I think I’m calmer if I don’t try too hard to be sociable, really. Human engagement – it’s the great mystery indeed. And quietness is all, as they (probably don’t) say. At least it means I’ve finished those minutes though – always a good thing. Tonight, I’ll pop into see Gladys, and then tonight I really must start packing for Istanbul as we’re off horrendously early on Thursday morning, and I like to get ahead. Ooh, and it’s pancake day so that means pancakes and ice cream. Mmm …

Other news of today – a further rejection of one of my poetry submissions, but hey it’s like water off the duck’s proverbial at the moment. Hey ho.

Today’s nice things:

1. The stag statue being okay after all
2. Poetry
3. Writers’ Group
4. Pancakes.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

I'm gald today was better - at least you have Istanbul to look forward to. Hugs xx

Anne Brooke said...

True! We're getting there, Jilly ...


sexy said...
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