Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Advances and retreats

It’s slightly puzzling that the snow the security people at work nobly piled up at the edges of the car park is still sitting there. Being snow. I would have thought it would have melted by now, but there is obviously a small part of Surrey that will remain forever Greenland …

Anyway, here’s this morning’s meditation:

Meditation 71

Offer a male
without defect,
says the Lord.

The search
could take some time then,
say I.

Sorry - couldn't resist it!... At work I’m attempting to proof-read the Personal Tutors’ Handbook yet again and when that’s done, I might even be at the stage to think about printing it. You never know. I’m hoping for a summer launch, but which summer I haven’t quite decided yet.

Walked into town at lunchtime, mainly to ask the bank if they’re able to deal with a cheque in US dollars for my advance for The Bones of Summer. Well, it’s a dang sight quicker than ringing them up, as you can’t actually telephone my local branch as they don’t answer the phone, and even the Head Office isn’t able to reach them. Deeeep sigh – we’re very exclusive here in the home counties, you know … So, if I ring, I have to speak to someone in Nottingham who doesn’t know anything – or at least that’s what happened the last time, so I don’t want to go through that trauma again. And I suspect neither do they. UPDATE: As I thought, speaking face-to-face to a real person was much better, and yes they can deal with cheques. Phew, that's a relief then ... Now I have to face the traumas of working out what to do about the US tax situation - hmm, anyone who can shed some light on this will earn my undying gratitude ...

To balance this literary advance (ho ho – sorry, couldn’t resist it), I’ve had a rejection for one of my short story submissions this morning, so the universe is at peace again. After all, too much success is bad for me. Still, I’m hoping to send the story out again somewhere more discerning tonight (says she, with an unexpected influx of confidence – heck, that can’t last then). Talking of confidence, this week’s heroes are … me, me and … um … me. Because I’m worth it. Ruth thinks this is highly amusing but the boss is looking worried. Thank goodness my review isn’t soon … Do you think it’s a tad too self-obsessed?? Even for me? No, surely not ...

Meanwhile, back at the (working) ranch, I’ve started organising a small team of us gals to enter the Race for Life event in Guildford in June to help raise money for cancer research. Well, as some of you may remember, Penny from Advice died of cancer last year and we still miss her. And, as she died on my birthday, just as I was settling down to a lovely lunch out with Lord H in Wisley (which she would have enjoyed for the kick-ass coincidence of it all …), I feel strangely and humanly responsible. Nothing to do with the food, I hope! We’re thinking of having pink t-shirts made with Penny’s Pals on them actually – she’d have loved that as well for sure.

Tonight, I’ll be watching Who Do You Think You Are? And then it’s Oz & James’s drunken UK tour, which is so totally non-PC and therefore utterly gripping. Oh and I must say that I thought Whitechapel (which sadly ended last night) has been one of the best crime dramas on TV for a long, long time, and please please can they make it into a series. Those two policemen are just great.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Thinking about advances
3. This week’s heroes (my, what a spectacularly good choice)
4. Race for Life plans
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

US - Internal Revenue Service - http://www.irs.gov/individuals/index.html
This may be some help.

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, thanks, Jilly - will look at that now! One of my fellow Dreamspinner authors is also giving me some highly useful insider tips - so thanks to Clare too!



Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, It's grand to hear you so happy and to see your writing taking off. :) I wouldn't think the tax situation is very complicated: You change the US currency to Sterling and you pay tax in the UK on that. The US publisher should be taking care of the tax situation at their end as employers etc. Either way, I know this is probably redundant and ignore it if it is, but keep a lawyer friend informed. Oh, and HUGS for the Race for Life, it's important to me for a number of reasons. :)

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Val! I'll include that in the list of tips I'm drawing up - much appreciated!

Love & hugs