Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trees, birds and chilling

A lazy day today, hurrah. Lord H and I wandered around Winkworth in the rain for a while and admired the autumn colours. Which are lovely but not, I think, as spectacular as last year's display. We also spotted a couple of wrens, a great tit, long-tailed tits, jackdaws and a robin or two. Honestly, robins have no fear. And they'll always turn up and parade themselves in front of your nose if they think you're paying too much attention to another type of bird. They are indeed the supermodels of the bird world. The rain was also good as I could try out my new Country Innovation Ladies' rainwear coat, which is great and comes complete with a hood, so I am snug and dry whilst all around me people are cold and wet. Aha! Lord H is slightly envious and I suspect will get one of his own before too long. Then we'll have (sadly) matching jackets and can rename ourselves Howard & Hilda. Though I think I will stop at sewing on name tags ...

This afternoon, I have caught up with yesterday's episode of Strictly Come Dancing - I thought John was great! His performance was dramatic after all - what more do you need?? I also enjoyed Jodie's dance, and thought poor Cherie recovered well. I do wish the judges would try to be less bitchy and just stick to being constructive - they seem so much more snippety this year. Time for their Happy Pills, I think.

Tonight, I must do my usual phone call to Mother, and then we have the delights of Frost to look forward to. I was wrong in saying these three episodes would be the last ones, as I gather they'll do a two-part finale next year. Always good to have something to put in the diary, you know. And I might even be able to squeeze in a quick nap before it's on - if I'm lucky!

This week's haiku:

Clouds of autumn leaves
swirl past my window: red-gold
fragments of the sun.

Today's nice things:

1. Winkworth
2. My new birding jacket
3. TV
4. Haikus.

Anne Brooke
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marypwilkinson said...

Hi Anne,
loved your journal and list of nice things! Thank you,

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Mary - glad you liked them!