Monday, October 27, 2008

Reflexology and the Interview Queen

Woke up with the doom-laden Monday morning feeling today – is it the change in the hour? Maybe what with it being lighter in the mornings, I already feel I’m an hour behind my own life and I’ll never catch up again. Though, to be honest, I should be used to that by now …

Anyway, at work, poor Ruth is still not very well, and the office seems very empty – the boss is away, and both Andrea and Chaplaincy Ruth are on half-term with their children. Mind you, at least the roads were clear and I got to work about 5 minutes before I actually started out. As it were. Okay, that might be exaggeration for poetic effect, but you know what I mean. Talking of clear roads when school’s out, I do continue to think it strange that there are so many cars on the road when it’s term-time, but you never ever see a child in one of them. Weird. Perhaps the mothers have simply abandoned their little ones to walk to school or catch a bus, and are fleeing from the various scenes of domestic trauma? I wouldn’t blame them – it must be terrifying to have children.

This morning, I have been staring in disbelief at my vain attempts to reschedule one of my big committees. None of the key people can do the same times, deep deep sigh. I think I might have to rest my head on my desk and sob for a while, and then throw myself on the boss’s mercy when he’s back tomorrow. He usually manages to think of something.

Thank goodness for my reflexology session at lunchtime is what I say. The utterly lovely Emily had put an extra session in for today as last week she managed to sort out childcare and then asked if I’d like to take up the appointment. Yes, yes and yes! Heck, I need all the help I can get. And some.

This afternoon, I sat in on an interview that Carol did with her mentor team, as she couldn’t get anyone else to do it. I was super-keen to be the evil person that sighs a lot and asks killer questions (or is that the police??...) but Carol put her foot down on that one. I was honour-bound not to speak and simply to observe. Much the best thing, I suspect.

After work, I have to drag myself reluctantly around Tesco for the weekly shop once more and, dammit, but I seem to have a ridiculous amount of things to buy. When will I ever get home?? I long for it utterly, m’dears. At least I remembered to video It Takes Two, and then there’s Autumnwatch later on – it’s set in Brownsea Island which is near Lord H’s old home, so he’s keen to revisit old haunts, if only virtually.

Today’s nice things:

1. Clear roads
2. Reflexology
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

Anne - have you tried Tesco shopping on line? Saves so much time and aggro. I used to hate shopping now I reckon it takes me about 30 mins in total - that includes putting away.

Anne Brooke said...

I know - I should do! Haven't the courage yet!