Saturday, October 13, 2007

Graduation Surprise!

Have spent most of the day at a surprise Graduation Ceremony at the University for my friend, Pauline, who has just been awarded her NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship - or Naturally Perfect Quality Heads, as Lord H likes to call it ...) certificate. I wasn't supposed to be attending actually (hence the surprise) though we were putting on a celebration tea for her - but as her husband wasn't well, I went instead. Sad for him (and I hope you feel better soon, Tony ...) but good news for me, as it's probably the last graduation ceremony I'll ever attend.

Anyway, it was fab, and Lord H and I even managed to be washed, dressed and with a (relatively) clean house by the time Pauline arrived. Which was astonishing as we weren't expecting her till later and had a ten-minute warning before arrival time! (You're so wild, m'dear!...) Also so glad I'd dry-cleaned my one decent frock before the holidays. I did suggest that, as I hadn't had time to buy a present, she should pick something she liked in the house and take that - at which point Lord H looked hopeful and put his best shirt on ... - but Pauline nobly turned down the invitation. So Lord H will have to stay a while then, poor soul!

I also discovered, whilst attempting to complete my smart look, that the posh tights I'd bought at the House of Fraser appear to be about five foot long before you put them on. Perhaps it's the way they're making them these days? However Lord H assured me that they'd ride up with wear (hmm, how does he know??!!!) and sure enough they did. Ah well, I've never been hot on the girl stuff. As it were.

I also must say that the University buffet lunch was bizarre, to say the least, though very nicely turned out. One bite into the open-plan (you know what I mean ...) beef or ham baguettes gave you a mouthful of either horseradish or mustard powerful enough to blow the top of your head off. A scary experience for sure. After one or two attempts, I stuck to the fondant fancies. Always the best plan really.

Apart from that whirlwind excitement, my one additional plan of the day is to watch the thrills and spills of "Strictly Come Dancing" later on TV - well, at least I'm dressed for it for once, though I do admit that I could do with a little more glitter. Hell, couldn't we all?

And no writing is getting done, though really I'm not in the mood for it. I've still heard nothing from my agent about how he's getting along with The Gifting. Does anyone actually remember The Gifting?? I'm beginning to think I might well be caught in a temporal anomaly in which I haven't written a novel at all, and it's all been the product of my overheated imagination. Though, after my traumatic horseradish experience, I can't say I'm that surprised. Really, a lot of weird stuff can be blamed on condiments.

Oh, but I must say that I really enjoyed my Hot Stone Aromatherapy massage during my week away - it was utterly wonderful and I must have another one of them. Much more relaxing than my one session of Reiki was, for sure. The stones are bliss. Heck, there's a sentence I thought I'd never say. I really can't give up on the reflexology though. Ah choices, choices ...

Today's nice things:

1. Seeing Pauline
2. Attending the Graduation Ceremony
3. Strictly Come Dancing.

Anne Brooke
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Casdok said...

Hot Stone Aromatherapy massage, that sounds just what i need at the mo! Where did you get it done?

Anne Brooke said...

It was lovely, Casdok! I had it done at the Quay Hotel & Spa in Deganwy Quay, Conwy - North Wales. Though I think a lot of salons do this now - even the Uni one is sending their therapist on a training course, so I'll be in the queue for booking when she's done!

Go for it.



Casdok said...

Oh! A bit to far for me to go!! Thought it may have been local as i am not that far from you!