Sunday, October 21, 2007

Church and chilling

Braved the distinctly wintry chill today to go to the 10am service - where it was so darn cold that I kept my woolly hat and fingerless gloves on throughout. Or almost throughout - after all, one doesn't want to get pieces of wafer stuck to one's gloves during communion. But never say I can't do Surrey style, ho ho. Anyway it wasn't a bad service - great hymns and the approachable vicar was there. Plus the coffee warmed us up afterwards and we didn't have to chat too much. Hurrah!

On the way back, we drove to the Surrey Park Clinic as my appointment is on Tuesday, and I'll be panicking too much about everything else without panicking about how I ruddy well get there or find a parking space as well. By now, Lord H is used to my overwhelming need to visit strange places to find out how I get to them, so took it all in his stride as ever.

The rest of the day, I've spent doing my monthly round of poetry competition submissions and catching up on TV missed during the week. I'm also popping pills for Britain in order to keep my cold under control. Wish me luck, eh! But talking of TV, Lord H's nephew, Kevin, was on "Dirty Rotten Cheater" (I think that's right!) on Friday, and won it too - thus proving the quality and honesty of the family I have married into, eh! A chip off the old block indeed ... even more so when you consider Kevin is just finishing his Mathematics degree at Cambridge Uni and would love to be a lawyer. So very similar to Lord H indeed!

Tonight, I'm planning to do some more to the novel and am quite looking forward to it really. Rather than worrying obsessively about it - so that makes a change. And of course it's the results show of "Strictly Come Dancing", so I absolutely can't miss that. Hey, if only they'd vote off that hugely irritating Alesha or Kelly - now that would be grand.

Oh, and one of the lovely gang of people whom Lord H and I met on our Egypt holiday a few years back has emailed to say that his wife would like the full Brooke Collection (which sounds way too grand for me!) for Christmas, minus The Hit List which she already has. Now that's cheered me for sure. I've always liked the idea of making it to stocking filler status! And now at last I have. So thank you, Miriam, and I hope you enjoy the rather eclectic reads.

This week's haiku:

Cold tingles my skin
and morning tiles freeze my feet;
winter closes in.

Today's nice things:

1. Great hymns at church
2. Getting a request for my books - all of them, ye gods!
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Lovely haiku Anne.

I remember one in Stephen King's IT I always loved:

Your hair is winter fire
January embers
My heart burns there, too

Nice, hey?

So sorry your copy of Unrequited is taking so long to reach you. Really curious to know your thoughts, and good luck with the poetry subs.



Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, JB! Love that King haiku very much - wish I'd written in, darn it!

Looking forward to reading "Unrequited" too - I'm sure it'll be THE hot read of the winter!



Anonymous said...

I made my own attempt at haiku over on my blog. I was inspired by you, you see :)

Unrequited seems to be doing ok. Waiting for some more copies from the States to send out for review. Was great to finally see it in book form.

Hug back


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, lovely - will rush over and read it! And well done on "Unrequited" sales - poor old ADMs are very sad indeed, as ever!