Monday, October 01, 2007

A dull Monday

Struggled to get through the morning today – it was rainy and dull, which was about all that could be said about it really. Took me ages to get my minutes finished from last week, and I only managed it by taking a rare (for me) caffeine injection. That seemed to do the trick though – thank goodness.

Mind you, Goldenford managed to launch Irene’s new book with style last night. And we also managed to sell copies of all our books, including three of Pink Champagne and Apple Juice, so good news all round. Congrats, Irene!

Ooh and Andrea and I have sneaked the last piece of chocolate from the fridge at work and eaten it secretly while no-one else was around, as there was only enough for two. Tell no-one … But by heck it’s made me feel better!

Took myself off for a wet and windy walk at lunchtime round campus, in an attempt to clean up the cobwebs netting my befuddled brain. I then spent the rest of the afternoon poring over the new student care services mini-guide in an attempt to ensure that there won’t be too much disappointment once it’s produced, ho ho … Must also get some more of my maps done, as I’m running out already. Shock horror!

Slight crisis in the Counselling Centre as well – they’d run out of plastic cups and I had to speed down on a mercy mission with the order. Which was gratefully received, except that I took down white plastic cups and their order was for blue. However, the Counselling Coordinator and I decided that if anyone complained about the colour, we’d take six of the darn things, laminate them and put them where the sun don’t shine. That should cut down on negative feedback. One hopes.

Tonight, I’m off shopping – honestly, my life is one rollercoaster of excitement and I don’t know how on earth I keep up with it all. And I’ve set the video for the next instalment of “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, so will be glued to that later on. Ooh, and I think Lord H might do chips for dinner, so that’s cheered me already!

I must say I do feel distinctly uninspired in terms of doing any writing stuff at all. There’s no poetry in this box at the moment, missus, and don’t even mention the fiction!... On second thoughts, scrub that – here’s an attempt at poetry:


I breathed a scream
into the bathroom cabinet
and shut the door.

I can feel it lurking,
pushing at the wood
in an attempt to be free.

Later, when my energy returns,
I might let it loose again,
take my anger back.

Today’s nice things:

1. Selling three copies of Pink Champagne and Apple Juice
2. Sarah Jane Part Two
3. Chips.

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