Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tea, physio and Christmas comes early

I must say that I thought last night's first episode of "The Devil's Whore" was a real class act - utterly gripping, layered, human and deep. Which is saying something indeed for the usual run of television these days. If you didn't manage to catch it, get yourself in front of the TV next Wednesday night at 9pm and enjoy. Well, that is, unless they change the schedules of course. If the next three episodes maintain the standards of this first one (even though Lord H would have preferred more on the battles, naturally ...), then I think we may have this year's drama winner on our hands.

It also struck me that, as a refreshing change from our celebrity and appearance-obsessed society, it was lovely to see that the most wisdom, dignity and simple humanity came from the plain-looking folk whom everyone mocked (aka the Puritans and Levellers), rather than the posh, pretty folk everyone was bowing to (aka the Royals, the gentry and their ilk). A lesson surely also to be learnt in the recent Strictly debacle, if I'm not much mistaken ...

Anyway, to today. I've spent a lovely morning having tea and chat with Jane H (hello, Jane! And I'm sorry I'm flummoxed still about that mystery bird ... Shame on me). We have now set the world to rights, and a damn good job we've made of it too. And I've also managed to add another 1000 words to Hallsfoot's Battle, bringing me to c57,000, hurrah. Much to my surprise, the new section with the snow-raven went very smoothly (I usually struggle like crazy with that bird's damn speech patterns) and at the end he took a decision which totally shocked the mind-executioner, Simon and ... um ... me. But it works, so I'll keep it in. That'll certainly give the Elders something else to worry about anyway. And me, of course.

This afternoon, I've had my seventh physio session. I still have some residual stiffness in the neck, but with her agreement I'm going to play some gentle golf tomorrow and see how it goes. I have strict instructions not to overdo it though, so I will try to keep to that. It's tricky when you're as damn obsessive as I am however (I've started so I'll finish, even if it kills me ...). I will have to try to pretend to be normal. Hmm, could be a challenge.

In the meantime, I've struggled with the peculiarities and strange connections of today's bible readings and have produced these small thoughts on it:

Meditation 4

It seems a lot of fuss
about curtains.

Anyone would think
the only one hiding his light
was God.

Tonight, Lord H and I are at the theatre to see The Holly and the Ivy, so an early start to the Christmas season. Ho ho. I am a bit worried by the fact that it's supposed to focus on a "lovable vicar". I've never actually met one of those: 99% of the vicars I've known aren't at all lovable. Crazed, focused, driven, visionary and committed to the cause, yes. Lovable, never. I fear lovable vicars only exist in make-believe. The other 1% are astonishingly close to God, but believe me that can seem a pretty uncomfortable, as well as inspirational, place to be.

Today's nice things:

1. Seeing Jane H
2. Writing more of Hallsfoot
3. Poetry
4. Theatre.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - not very lovable but surprisingly humane

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