Monday, November 24, 2008

In the bleak midwinter ...

Still chilly round these parts, Carruthers, as the boiler has decided to give up the ghost entirely. Please send blankets and soup – we may not last long otherwise … Last night we went to sleep with the help of two hot water-bottles, the electric heater, extra blankets and a dressing-gown. Just like the war years. So I’m told. Not only that but one of the smoke alarms chose 3am to start its intermittent beeping as a low battery alert. Quite addictive after a while. However neither of us could stomach the thought of actually getting out of bed to investigate, so we just grinned and bore it. The bulldog spirit remains undaunted, you know. Bizarrely, this morning the beeping has stopped so we’re still unsure which alarm needs feeding, dammit.

This morning’s attempt at washing was quite fun too – lots of use of the kettle and hot water on the stove again. It’s just a question of logistics really. Thankfully, Lord H managed to get hold of the gas man first thing, so he’s apparently turning up sometime before 1pm. We live in hope. Lord H is nobly taking the first watch and if the guy doesn’t turn up I shall take the second. If we’re able to arrange it. If he doesn’t turn up then, we will have to kidnap him and hold him to ransom until our heating problems are solved. Well, at least that will give the Surrey Advertiser something exciting to report next week. Meanwhile at work, I have kept my personal heater on for a glorious length of time and I am now almost thawed out, hurrah. It makes coming into the office so worthwhile. UPDATE: the gas man arrived and mended the boiler, hurrah! However, it can only be temporary and it's not perfect as the heating is still very dodgy - it’s such an old system, so it looks like this winter’s big expense is set to be a new boiler and (gosh!!) thermostats. In every room too apparently. Goodness me, how very modern – the system we currently have is 25 years old and doesn’t have any thermostats. It’s either on, or off. Anyway, the gas man is coming round to talk about the new boiler in a week’s time and we’re hugely excited about the prospect of being reliably warm.

Sadly though, my reflexology appointment for today has been cancelled as poor Emily is sick. What a month for illness it’s proving to be. I hope she’s better soon anyway, and I shall look forward to next week’s appointment instead. The good thing about having an unexpectedly free lunch hour is I can now work through it in order to make up the time I’ll be out for tomorrow’s physio appointment. Are you keeping up at the back?? At least my time juggling skills continue to improve.

And today’s odd office news is that an origami nun has been left in the chaplaincy. Last week it was a balloon devil, so at least this is a step in the right direction in the holiness stakes. So the plot thickens and we are taking bets on what might be left there next … Could the bishop be behind it all, we wonder? Meanwhile this week’s heroes are Chaplaincy Ruth’s vicar, the Origami nun and Gordon Ramsay – so surely something for everyone in there …

Tonight, I’m facing a mammoth shop at Mr Tesco’s. I’m trying to stock up on Christmas stuff so I feel I’m going to be there for hours and hours, just begging to be allowed to escape. Groan. Luckily, I’ve remembered to set the video for It Takes Two, so I can collapse in front of the blessed Claudia later. I am still in shock over the departure of the lovely Jodie from Strictly Come Dancing after all. Who am I going to vote for now?... UPDATE: The journey home was fun too. The police had closed the road leading to home so I panicked and called Lord H to ask him what the alternative routes were - my brain had shut down by then and I couldn't connect all the places I knew to anywhere near where I needed to be. Luckily Lord H is a whizz at local geography so I came the alternative way but the other end of the road was shut also, dammit! In the end, I pleaded with a sympathetic policewoman and she kindly let me go home. Phew!

Today’s nice things:

1. Hot water bottles
2. Electric heaters
3. Origami nuns
4. This week’s heroes
5. The possibility of a new boiler system
6. Kind policewomen
7. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Nik Perring said...

That sounds like a heck of a day! Ick.

Anne Brooke said...

Indeed it was!



JILLS said...

I love reading your blog Anne - it os so newsy. Hope your heating has all kicked in again and you are all warm and toasty!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jills! Well, heating is partially mended but we have to wrap up warm. At least the hot water is on!



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Glad you have some heat tonight Anne - I wore bed socks last night in bed and we had the heating on full blast so god knows how cold you must have been.

So, what dastardly doings were going on in your road for the Police to close it off? Theme for another novel perhaps :-)

Anne Brooke said...

Lord H promises milder weather soon, Sue! And I'm agog to know what the police were doing!! Will have to wait for the local rag to come out on Friday ...