Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The end of the minuting tunnel and shock dance news

Ye gods and little fishes, I’ve actually managed to get both drafts of the minutes out which were cluttering up my desk earlier in the week. Double hurrahs and put out the bunting. Joy abounds indeed. Lucky Joy. However, it’s rather shortlived as I’m now faced with a massive annual reporting project. Dammit. Ah well, best see if I can make sense of it one way or the other and maybe it’ll all become clear by the end of the day. Hey ho. Don’t wait up.

In the meantime, I am attempting to sort out my annual holiday allowance. I have 11 days left which I have to take before the end of March and I’m only allowed to take 5 over in any one year. Which leaves 6 days (which for me is basically two weeks) to take before Spring comes upon us. And that doesn’t count my December holiday as I’ve already factored that in. It’s always surprisingly difficult to get a week where (a) there are no meetings booked – as we usually book for the whole academic year where we can; and (b) which Lord H can also do. I think I’m left with 3 one-week options, two of which might prove tricky for Lord H. We’ll have to see. Beyond that, it looks like I’ll just have to use the odd day here and there and hope for the best.

Mind you, the HUGE shock of the day is the fact that John Sergeant has resigned from Strictly Come Dancing. Such a shame and I’m really sorry to see him go. To my mind, it’s a public entertainment programme, and if the public wants him in, then he should stay in. The judges have been way too bullying this year and I’m sorry they’ve got their own way. They don’t deserve it. And it throws the rules of the game up in the air in terms of future series for sure. Dear me, I feel a letter to my MP coming on, you know. Somebody pass me the ink … UPDATE: I'm still sad about it though I feel he's gone with dignity. I'm really annoyed though at James Jordan (who didn't even have the grace to offer support or be nice, to my mind, and was supremely selfish, to boot) and the quick backtracking of the judges - no honesty there then.

Managed a pleasant walk around campus at lunchtime – it seems ages since I’ve had the chance to do that. Plus I popped into the gallery and was much soothed by the pictures there. And the weather’s okay at the moment too, which is a bonus. The UK is apparently expecting snowstorms over the weekend. Curses. I hate snow. Mind you, it may be that the storms don’t reach the south, which will be grand. But already I can feel the cold air seeping in. Time for those fingerless gloves, Carruthers …

Tonight, I’m planning another slump in front of the TV, and am especially looking forward to the new Civil War drama series, The Devil’s Whore. Wonderful title. I’m a sucker for anything involving the great Oliver Cromwell so I hope they play him well. I shall have to write a letter of complaint otherwise. Another one.

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting both minute sets done
2. The annual holiday plethora
3. Lunchtime walks
4. TV.

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