Friday, April 18, 2008

Clinics, Bones and Goldenford

Had my scan at the Surrey Park Clinic today, which wasn't as terrifying as I'd feared - but I gather that I will probably have to go back in fairly soon to talk about it. Nothing drastic, I hasten to add - but I anticipate a change in my hormones treatment is in the offing. Oh lordy, not another one!

I've also done some essential shopping in order to get three sad-meals-for-one for this weekend, as Lord H is away on a course. Goodness me, but the flat seems quiet right now. I suspect I will have to turn on the TV fairly soon, just in order to fill the space. That said, and while I miss him like crazy, I'm sneaking in a secret curry tomorrow while the chance is there - though I must remember to open the windows afterwards in order to hide the evidence. Lord H Doesn't Do Curry.

And I've had a visit from the downstairs neighbour, who isn't too well at the moment, poor thing. And is worried about what next week might bring. Nothing much I could say really, but we did share a cup of tea and play Patience for a while, which seemed to cheer him up. Also cheery (for him) was the utterly messed-up state of our flat, compared to the tidiness of his. Ah well, 'twas ever thus. Anyway, I'm sure next week will be better than he expects it to be.

For the rest of the day, I've fiddled around with The Bones of Summer and found myself enjoying linking up the two end scenes I was working on. Well, hurrah, eh! I've also added in another page to my website, called Interviews & Articles and you can find it here. That'll send 'em fleeing to the hills then.

Ooh, and the lovely Rachel from Writers' News Magazine has just rung me to confirm that they will be using my article on Goldenford in the near future. So that's made me feel useful, double hurrah!

Tonight, I'm planning to do a fragment of cleaning before ensconcing myself in front of the telly. Bloody hell, I might even switch it on. Actually I'd better do - just in order to fill the Lord H-shaped gap in the flat. Pause for a trembly lower lip moment ... God, I'm a wimp.

Today's nice things:

1. Surviving - thus far - the clinic experience
2. Fiddling around with Bones.
3. Talking to Writers' News.

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Sarah Hilary said...

Good luck with the scan results. I've tried hormone treatment myself - well, one type, for one year - but gave up. Now I just write off several days of each month, or try to make sure they coincide with writing conflict/sex. Ahem.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sarah! So far the stuff I'm on does seem to be making it better - but I don't know what will happen if they change it! Love your solution though, I must say.