Friday, January 04, 2008

Of Luther, teeth and web hosts

Now there's a title you don't get very often. Would be a great set of ideas for a short story, I'm sure. Would probably have to involve time travel though. Anyway, I've spent some of the day - not as much as I intended - editing more of Luther's Ambassadors for Goldenford, but have only managed to get to Chapter 15 on page 82. Still, about halfway through now, so that's something.

I've also been struggling with web hosts - again. Deep deep sigh ... Now neither Zen nor UK Hosts appear to be talking to each other, and so I have written a severely stroppy email to everyone asking why I, as the customer, have to be running around like a demented postgirl (virtually) delivering messages when they could just as well simply pick themselves off their arses and speak to each other to sort it out. And yes, I did put it something like that - but that's the polite version. I've also asked them to put my complaint to management (whatever that means in a virtual business ...) and will wait to see if that might put the touch paper up where the sun don't shine. Hell, I'm happy to light it. Oh yes, my Inner Bitch is really strutting her stuff today. Even Lord H has got involved, and now Nick from Zen (welcome to the Twilight Zone, Nick ...) has promised to ring him every day at work next week until it's sorted out. So the Zen people continue to be very sweet - just totally ineffectual. And apparently they're the best in the ruddy business. Gawd help us all then!!

I've also popped into Godalming on the offchance of finding a parking space - I set off late - and found there were actually zillions of spaces. So many that it became hard to choose one ... Is everyone still on holiday? Anyway, that cheered me as I wasn't hopeful, so I did manage to get a spot of shopping done. Which amounted to the Surrey Advertiser and a bottle of De-Stress Bath Oil. Lord, how I need the latter ...

This afternoon, I dragged myself unwillingly to the dentist - who was on fine form and even more scarily like my mother (arrggh!) - and have had four fillings. Four!! It's astonishing I can shut my mouth at all now, and I don't think there'll be much talking done tonight. Lord H breathes a cliched sigh of relief then ... And I have to go back in six months' time instead of my usual year to see if the fillings have worked. Worked? Worked!?? Ye gods, if they haven't worked I shall demand my £160 back. Plus ruddy interest! Honestly, £160 for one hour's work. I'm in the wrong bloody business for sure.

Tonight, I have a domestic schedule long enough to terrify even a Victorian servant. Serious cleaning, washing and ironing. Whatever happened to Friday night on the razzle, eh?

Today's nice things:

1. Getting a parking space
2. Sending rude emails (oh so satisfying ...)
3. Surviving the dentist without crying.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

Oh dear - 4 fillings is not good news. I hope you're not feeling too sore now. I would definitely demand my money back if they don't work. Yes I'm skeptical about that word too. In the bad old days fillings used to be guaranteed for a year - wonder whether they still are?

Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Oh poor you! I'm sure a glass or two of vino will help numb things a bit though!

I also sympathise on the domestic front - we are cleaning tonight too as mum and dad are coming tomorrow. Peter is scrubbing the upstairs loo as I type (now there's an image for you) and I'll be hoovering after Corrie. We also have a stockpile of rubbish as our general waste bin hasn't been emptied since mid December! What do we pay our Council tax for I wonder?

Anne Brooke said...

I know, Jill! Rather sore, I'm afraid - but I'm relying on coffee to numb the pain. Decaff so I will sleep!

And poor you, Sue - can't the parents take the rubbish when they leave? After all, that's what they're for ...



Emma K-F said...

I'm sorry you've had such a trying day, Anne - though, if it makes you feel any better, it did provide some great writing material! I tried not to laugh, out of deference to your dental agonies, web host-related woes and impending domestic drudgery, but I'm afraid I couldn't help it! :-)

Emma x

Anne Brooke said...

Don't worry, Emma, the sit-com will be even more bizarre! Hope your Friday evening has gone well!



Jan said...

I am looking forward to visiting the dentist next wk.
Ive known him since we were at school and we all thought he was a Rod Stewart look-alike.
I still keep thinking he'll burst into " Maggie May" any second...

Anne Brooke said...

A singing dentist, Jan - sounds great! Hope next week isn't too bad for you ...