Monday, January 14, 2008

Meeting traumas and a Minute too far

Lordy, what a day. No sooner do I get in than people are coming from all quarters with requests to add extra papers to the Bid Meeting today and wondering when the deadline was. Um, the deadline was last Wednesday, and yes they do know that!! So I am now setting a marital date with the photocopier as we are spending so much time in each other's company. It's the decent thing to do. Not only that but the Chair realised he couldn't even make the meeting, or at least he could be present only for the first half hour - which left poor David in the role of Acting Chair and frantically reading through the paperwork in an effort to understand what was going on. And as there is now officially more paperwork than War & Peace, that was one hell of a task.

Still, we managed it, but it was a hugely muddly meeting until the very end when we suddenly sorted out what we were actually going to do. But it's left me with a completely spaced-out meeting to minute. Goodness knows what I'm going to do with it really. I think the best solution is a stiff G&T and a long lie-down.

And there's no rest for the wicked either. My first meeting ended at 12.30 and my next one started at 12.31pm. So I had to switch hats with only a swift loo break to change them in before putting my more caring Student Care Services face on. I was so psyched up from the first meeting that I'm not sure anyone believed me either really ... Sigh.

So, come 2pm, I was completely meetinged out and would like to lie at rest on a desert island for a long, long time. No chance of that, I fear. Ah well.

Back home, and I have tackled some more of The Gifting edit and am now halfway through Chapter Three. I've introduced ballsy redhead, Annyeke Hallsfoot, and she's going to stir them all up for sure. Shame Simon doesn't - in my vague mental plan - actually meet her until Book Two. It's certainly interesting to plunge into my first ever multi-viewpoint novel. So far I'm enjoying the editorial ride.

Tonight, I'm hoping to watch "The Palace" on TV, but I see it's already started. Bugger eh. I am just soooo ten minutes behind my own life. At least.

Oh, and did my proof copy of Thorn in the Flesh arrive from the printer?? Did it hell!!...

Today's nice things:

1. Getting to the end of the bloody day really!
2. Editing
3. TV - in some percentage or other.

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Jackie Luben said...

Ten minutes too far, by the sound of it.

Anne Brooke said...

At least! I'm dreading going back in tomorrow. Plus I have yet another meeting to minute - bugger!!