Monday, January 28, 2008

Meeting terror and a late Christmas lunch

Got myself in a flat spin today about the online booking system meeting - I was supposed to know something about it but really didn’t have a clue. And it seemed to be sprung upon me at the last minute last week so I was rather peed off about it. To say the least. My Mondays are bad enough without having to cope with things I know nothing about! Anyway, it was all pretty traumatic and I was so pleased when it ended. As well as being terrorised by the fact that I have another lot of stuff to research into because of it, and once again it’s stuff I know nothing about. Double groan!

We also seemed to go over the same information we’d already in fact talked about last year before we got to the heart of the meeting in the last fifteen minutes of our allotted time. Still, it’s possible that some progress has been made – I need to look at my notes, weep for a while and then maybe it will all become clear.

Anyway, this lunchtime, we’ve been for our delayed office Christmas lunch so that was a very welcome break for sure! The restaurant was a mix of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian food, so spicy but not too terrifying. The loos were okay too, with a lovely bird-of-paradise orchid in the Ladies, so that cheered me up. Hurrah!

This afternoon, I’ve been trying to understand my emails and write up the minutes from this morning. Gosh, what an excellent multi-tasker I am. I shall worry about my booking project tomorrow. I might feel strong enough to cope with it then! At the moment, I am so gripped with existential terror and the feeling of being completely and utterly overwhelmed and weepy that I am scarcely able to function at all. There do seem to be times in the month when I (a) simply can't communicate anything, and (b) am unable to cope with more than one simple task at a time. Even now, at home, I am having to think: yes, chop the leeks; then boil the potatoes; then think about the ironing. Oh Lord, it all seems too beyond me ...

Tonight, I’m hoping to be carrying on with the marathon Gifting edit, that is if I can even string two sentences together, and then there’s “The Palace” on TV. Bloody hell but today I deserve some good tosh.

Today’s nice things:

1. Surviving the meeting from hell
2. Lunch out
3. TV.

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