Monday, January 21, 2008

Meetings galore and the Tesco run

Got into work today to find a load of emails I had to do something about, dammit. And speedily. Isn’t that just the way? Oh for a pleasant slide into the working week. How lovely that would be. Still, I think I know what they’re all about now – so I have been busy collating information into nice little tables for management to look at later. And no doubt ignore. Heck, it gives us all a sense of purpose, you know.

The joyful news is that the meeting I thought I had at lunchtime has been cancelled as there’s nobody about to attend it, so I’m bringing the sandwiches I ordered back to the office so we can gorge on them till our stomachs explode. Hmm, that will be after two bites then – University sandwiches aren’t exactly haute cuisine. We’ve invited the meeting people who are left to pop in, but I hope to goodness they don’t say anything I have to minute. M’dears, I just can’t take the pace. UPDATE: they didn’t say anything vital, hurrah. We just chatted. Phew, what a relief - another thing to tick off my list!

This afternoon, I’ll be attempting to finish the Freshers’ awareness minutes I started to write up last week, plus tackling the Nursery Group minutes. And there’s the Student Induction Group papers for this Wednesday to worry about – where the heck are they, I cry?

Tonight, I shall drag myself round Tesco, and then collapse in a heap at home for a while. No chance of any editing getting done, I fear. Though there’s “The Palace” on TV later, so I shall be glued. Go, King Richard, go!

Today’s nice things:

1. Not having a meeting
2. Surviving the day – always assuming I do …
3. TV.

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