Thursday, January 03, 2008

Luther's Ambassadors and where be my new site??

Have spent a very enjoyable day editing Jay Margrave's Luther's Ambassadors for Goldenford. Heck, but Jay is certainly the queen of the dark historical novel - am loving it so far! Can't wait for it to be published later in the year. All those twists and turns in the life of Anne Boleyn - fabulous. I am now up to Page 52 of 162, and the start of Chapter Eleven. Not bad going in editing terms. It's far, far easier using Track Changes, which I have decided to do from now on.

I've also been brave and phoned the Deli in North Camp (Surrey, m'dears, for those of you not in the area!) who might - or might not - want Goldenford to do another book reading over the next month or so. The man who answered the phone was terribly scary and I nearly burst into tears, but once he put me through to the woman, she was a lot more welcoming. As well as being very sweet. She might well send me an email over the next week or so, so we'll have to see. God, but I do so hate phoning people up about book events/publicity. It's a nightmare and I always feel a fraud.

Due to general busyness and the perishing cold (though, thankfully, no snow as yet - I hate snow to the point of obsession), I have been very bad and selfish and not nipped out to visit my hospital friend. Bad, bad me. Yes, I know. However, the good news is that Hospital Friend is actually going home tomorrow to begin recuperation, so I hope Ruth and I will be able to visit sometime next week, as she's not too far from the University.

Am beginning to struggle a little on Thorn in the Flesh launch acceptances - up to 17 now, but I'm still disappointed with the reactions of University people who I hoped would come. The triumph of hope over experience, really. Apart from my immediate team of course who are hugely supportive, and even buy the books! I suspect that some of those who keep saying no don't think I or my work are worth it because I'm not published by well-known publishers, and therefore I'm just "playing" at being a writer. Huge sigh. Well, bloody hell, I'm not just playing - it means a hell of a lot more than my University job, for sure.

And I'm also still struggling with attempting to get my new website off the ground. For God's sake, UK Hosts, Melbourne IT and Zen, just how long does it take you to make a simple transfer??? It's incredibly frustrating and I'm beginning to send rude emails in an attempt to break the deadlock between the three of them. And even phone people, ye gods. After all, I'm the ruddy customer - I want some service! Mind you, that said, Gary at Zen is being very nice and trying to be helpful - he's the only one that is, really. So thank you, Gary. I only hope we get it sorted out before retirement arrives ... Ooh, Update on this: Gary has managed to approve the transfer, so maybe I will have a new website before February!! Great stuff and thank you. I now wish to marry Gary and have his children - a statement surely frightening enough to make the poor guy flee to the hills, never to be seen again. No, come back - I need you!!....

Tonight, I might do some more editing but my main plan is to watch the video of "Speed" which I recorded over Christmas. If I do watch it, this will be a miracle indeed - as usually we video Christmas TV and never watch it later ... We will see. Oh, and I have to do the ironing. Bugger.

Today's nice things:

1. Editing Luther's Ambassadors
2. Gary from Zen (look, there he goes, still running in fear ...)
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - but whether old or new, who can tell?
Goldenford - the best ruddy publishers in Surrey


Anonymous said...

North Camp is actually technically part of Farborough and therefore part of Hampshire (sorry, couldn't help myself)


Anne Brooke said...

Sorry - still doesn't bother me! To me, it's honourary Surrey!