Saturday, December 07, 2013

Boys, birds and au revoir

Book News:

Gay erotic romance Taking a Chance is now available at All Romance Ebooks. This week, it gained a very nice review at Boys in Our Books Reviews:

"This is my first experience of this author and I really enjoyed this short story - it was very nicely done considering the length. Anne Brooke paints a clear picture of these men not only through Benjamin's point of view but through dialogue … I was fully engaged very early on and was left wanting more."

Not much else going on in Anne's Book World at the moment. I'm waiting for publishers to respond to a couple of submissions but I'm not holding out much hope in either case. The older I get, the more resigned I become to it all, hence the recent stepping back in terms of my writing commitment.

Still, I've started scribbling away every now and again at a straight fantasy/magic realism novel, so I'll see how that goes over the months to come. I think I'm simply rather fed up with the whole cycle, i.e. I throw myself 100% into making something the best it can be, several very lovely people read it and are hugely nice about it (for which enormous and enduring thanks!), other people of course are suitably scathing, but ... um ... very few people actually buy it, no matter how good or bad the reviews. It doesn't seem to be any different from that and, frankly, I find it ultimately very depressing. I've never made any money from this game and I imagine, now, I never will. Hey ho.

Life News:

Still, if the writing world is basically pretty rubbish, at least other things in life are nice. This week's cake is Chocolate and Orange Marble Cake, which has a distinctly Christmassy feel about it. And the garden is somehow full of roses still in bloom in December(!) and a flock of goldfinches also visited us this morning - all very cheery, thank goodness.

Mind you, I played some pretty grim golf on Friday - the amount of laughter was directly opposed to the skill of our game, for sure. However, I did get the car cleaned inside and out by the golf course car cleaners, and a marvellous job they did too.

This morning, a trip to Wisley resulted in a new orchid - with scent! - and an orange tree, so the house has a very exotic feel just now, hurrah. That's certainly set us up for the season.

Anyway, I'm going to give my blog a break for a while, as it's becoming a bit of a chore to be honest - so I hope you all have a very happy Christmas, and that the New Year will be kind to you.

Every good wish

Anne Brooke

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