Sunday, December 29, 2013

Books published in 2013 and Coming Up in 2014

A quick recap on the literary year and also what's ahead. In 2013, the following books have been published:

Rosie By Name: a comic romance (Anne Brooke Books)
Taking A Chance: gay BDSM romance (Wilde City Press)
Dido's Tale: FREE romantic short story (Anne Brooke Books)
A Dangerous Man: gay thriller (Amber Allure Press)
Thorn in The Flesh: bisexual thriller (Untreed Reads)
Maloney's Law (Maloney *1): gay thriller (Amber Allure Press)
The Beginning of Knowledge: gay literary erotica (Wilde City Press)
The Bones of Summer (Maloney *2): gay thriller (Amber Allure Press)
The Gifting (Gathandria *1): epic gay-themed fantasy (Anne Brooke Books)
Hallsfoot's Battle (Gathandria *2): epic gay-themed fantasy (Anne Brooke Books)
The Prayer Seeker: FREE Christian novella (Anne Brooke Books)
The Executioner's Cane (Gathandria *3): epic gay-themed fantasy (Anne Brooke Books)

Coming up in 2014 are:
The Girl in the Painting and Other Stories: short story collection (January 2014, Untreed Reads)
The Paranormal Detection Agency: gay paranormal romance (Spring 2014, Amber Allure Press)
Pink Champagne and Apple Juice: romantic comedy (6 April 2014, Amber Quill Press)

You can find out more at the Latest News page on my website.

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