Sunday, August 11, 2013

Behold: The Destroyer of Churches

Book News:

Goodness me, but the controversy over Christian novella The Prayer Seeker continues apace. This week, I've received a one-star review over at Amazon US from a reviewer who seems to think I am single-handedly responsible for destroying the church. Golly gosh, I feel even prouder than I did at last week's accusation. I am so definitely going to have "The Destroyer of Churches" added to my gravestone as one of my attributes. I might even get a t-shirt with it on.

According to said reviewer, I also appear to have a secret "hook and worm" gay agenda. Gosh indeedy, they sound like jolly good fun! Please could I have one in green? It'll go with my t-shirt ...

Turning to my gay literary agenda, I'm happy to say that gay thriller A Dangerous Man has a lovely new cover and will be republished by Amber Allure on 15 September.

Over at Riptide Publishing, their Red Hot Rentboys anthology is on sale and includes my own Where You Hurt The Most. It's a 60% discount, so don't delay - buy today! As an incentive, Where You Hurt The Most gained a 4-star review at Goodreads:

"The magic that happens between the two men is special and fills you with hope."

Meanwhile, lesbian short story The Girl in The Painting was briefly at No 8 in the Amazon UK lesbian short story charts - hurrah! - and literary romance How To Eat Fruit gained a 4-star review at Goodreads. Most people seem to hate that one so it was a nice surprise this week. Thank you, Karen, who said:

"Anne Brooke always writes a very interesting short that makes you think."

And, not to be outdone, my haiku collection, Sunday Haiku, gained a 5-star review at Amazon UK:

What is delightful about this collection is the enduring quality; when I reread the haiku I am still moved and captivated by certain feelings that they arouse.

Finally, I received my second fan letter of 2013 - so a BIG thank you to Emily who wrote and said how much she loved gay thrillers Maloney's Law and The Bones of Summer. Hearing from readers who enjoy one's books is always very special indeed.

Life News:

Great excitement and rejoicing this week to hear about the Ginger Pride March which took place in Edinburgh yesterday. I should have been there! At last, I've found my tribe ... Because it would just be so dang wonderful to be with a group of people who don't ever question the fact that - yes - Factor 50 suncream is necessary, even in winter and - yes - even for 5 minutes' exposure. Just saying, you non-redheads out there, hey ho ...

And, in honour of redheads (who are of course the best), I have put some lovely redhead photos up at a new blog, Perfect Redheads. Happy browsing!

I particularly loved this wonderful and oh so true cartoon.

Yesterday, K and I enjoyed a wonderful falconry display at RHS Wisley - and I really and desperately now want to have a peregrine falcon as a pet. They're just so speedy and exciting! But I do accept that we might not have much soft furnishings left, ho hum.

Also yesterday, I tried my hand at Honey Cake, which came out quite well, though lighter than I imagined it would be. And I did get a bit mixed up with the US cake measurements - not to mention the mystery of whether ounces are the same as fluid ounces or not. I still don't know ...

However, the less said about the disastrous garlic bread I made for Friday night dinner, the better ... Um, I forgot to take it out of the oven - which means we now have rock-hard garlic bread which could - without much preparation - be used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Ah, the best laid plans, eh.

Finally, in the garden, things are still coming along nicely. My orchid now has its full 12 flowers in bloom and the lilies and dahlias are looking good.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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kazzak said...

You are a destroyer of churches naturally...I had to buy a copy...:D

Anne Brooke said...

Such a brave choice, Karen! They'll be after you next! :) :) :) Thank you!