Sunday, July 14, 2013

Free fiction and flowers galore

Life News:

We had a stunning day at the Hampton Court Flower Show on Wednesday - glorious weather, spectacular flowers and yet more things for the garden. Bliss indeed! Managed to snag some more heucheras, potentillas and some fabulous bulbs for a blood lily (like a pink allium). Here's hoping we can actually grow them, hey ho.

Meanwhile, the garden is really beginning to come into its own, and here are some pics of a day lily, a peony, lilies, and various roses.

I've also been busy in the kitchen and this week's attempt at vanilla cupcakes has been a great success - though I say it myself and shouldn't.

Book News:

I've had a fascinating and very intense weekend at the UK GLBTQ Fiction Conference these last few days. Great to catch up with people I know in the business and meet new people (hello, Liam!), as well as sell some books, but I have to admit to feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of people there - which is great news for the organisers who did a totally fantastic job, but less good news for those strange sociopaths such as my good self. I think I might give the next one a miss, especially as I'm taking a backward step on the whole writing career anyway, but wish them all the best in the future. They certainly deserve it.

Meanwhile, I've set up a free fiction page at my website for work that doesn't fit anywhere but which I consider good enough for people to take a chance on. In that category, I have my latest fantasy novel Hallsfoot's Battle, which is now free at Free Ebooks and Obooko Books also. This week it's been lovely that a new reader enjoyed Hallsfoot's Battle so much that he donated $10 to me even though it was a free read - many thanks, Johnny.

I'm also pleased that Christian novella The Prayer Seeker is now at No 93 in the Amazon US Christian Fiction charts, well gosh. This is another of my free books.

Finally, I've had a review of bisexual thriller Thorn in the Flesh at Long and Short Reviews, which says:

"Thorn in the Flesh is a slow burning mystery woven into the ordinary lives of a close-knit group of friends. This is a great choice for readers who prefer to get to know characters well before the plot heats up. The payoff at the end is well worth the initial emotional investment!"

Gosh, that's nice too. Thank you.

Anne Brooke
Gay Reads UK
Free Fiction

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