Sunday, May 12, 2013

Aches and pains galore

Life News:

Um, I've been sick for most of the week, I'm afraid, so not much life news, or indeed any other news, apart from that going on. Mind you, K and I did manage between us to plant 150 plants in the front garden on Bank Holiday Monday, and lay a stepping stone path across the lawn, so it's not been all moaning and groaning and wishing for a suitably early demise, hey ho.

Since then, I've had galloping toothache and a pretty nasty cold/catarrh session. Managed a visit to my new dentist in the village (um, the one who's actually given me the pain in the first place, I have to say ...) who told me I needed to let it settle down to see if the pain carried on. Hmm, not too impressed then. Said dentist is also the one who's done something with my lovely husband's tooth and now he's in pain every now and again too (the first time he's ever had tooth pain in his life), so I can't really recommend them. I suspect unless a miracle cure takes place in the next day or so, we just ain't going back ...

Anyway, the slightly good news is that from Tuesday onwards, I've been wiped out by a bout of catarrh together with a bad cold so that seemed to put the toothache on the back burner, so I've spent 4 nights on the sofa doing a hell of a lot of coughing and crosswords. As you do. Last night I felt well enough to actually go to bed, but sadly that's meant the toothache has returned and rather worse than before. Eating takes an age, but I suppose it's one way to lose weight - as I get so bored with it all that I simply can't finish the plate. The other sad news is I was too ill to go and see the new Star Trek film we'd booked for in 3D(!) on Thursday night, and certainly too ill for golf or cake-making. Oh well. Much moaning in the marshes.

Tomorrow, now the cold/catarrh seems to be under control, I'm going to try another dentist in a totally different village to get a second opinion and see if they're in the business of taking pain away rather than giving me more of it. I don't think I'm being unreasonable in that expectation, my dears ... In the meantime, I'm using a fatal combination of whisky, dental gel, desensitising toothpaste and crying to get through. I can't really say it's been a good week. Ho hum.

Book News:

No writing has been done, but I've had a lovely 5-star review on Amazon US for biblical short story Dancing with Lions, and another 5-star review on Amazon US for gay comedy Who Moved My Holepunch? Many thanks to both readers for that.

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