Sunday, February 17, 2013

Signs of springtime amidst the sickness

Book News:

Later this year, all six erotic menage Delaney stories will be published in a paperback collection, The Dangerous Delaneys and Me. It will be available sometime around May, but I'll keep you posted.

And romantic comedy, Pink Champagne and Apple Juice, will be republished by Musa Publishing later this year, so that's something to look forward to also.

This week, I finally finished my BDSM story, Training Timothy, and have submitted it to Riptide Publishing to see if they like it. For the first time ever, I submitted actually on the day that particular anthology call was closing, so that was a bit scary, I can tell you. Usually, I plan way in advance, but I have the excuses of yet more illness (for which see below) and also lack of inspiration until very late on indeed to blame, hey ho.

I've also completed an interview for the Lambda Literary organisation focusing on Christian writers of erotic gay romance, but I'm not sure yet when or even if they'll use it. Still, always lovely to be asked (thank you, Richard!). And I've slowly begun thoroughly ripping apart and severely editing a literary gay short story I wrote last year, The Beginning of Knowledge. So far that means I've cut it from 19,000 words down to 5,000 words, so that leaves me with the sex scenes at least. I just have to work a rather different story around them and all will be well. I am indeed the Queen of the Scalpel ...

Life News:

Earlier this week, I succumbed with some sense of drama to the Winter Vomiting Bug. My dears, I really cannot recommend this, at any level (Squeamishness Alert!). Sunday night and most of Monday was therefore spent being gloriously sick every two or three hours and wondering if death might be the kinder option. The factor that utterly felled me was the fact that being sick also involved fainting (something I rarely do), so I had no idea where either I or the ... um ... err ... product would end up at any given session. All I can say is thank goodness we don't have carpets downstairs, toilet water is very cold indeed and blankets wash out very nicely, hurrah. Ho hum.

I tell you, every day I bless the fact that one of my mother's wedding presents to me was the huge and very tough plastic bowl I was always ill into as a child (well, I was very delicate, you know ...) and I swear I have had the most use of it over the last twenty years of married life than any other present I received on the day. How well my mother knows me indeed ...

So that was two days off work but back in on Wednesday, where I just about survived the day but felt extremely delicate. Eating commenced again on Thursday, however, which was great news as it was Valentine's Day, and so a definite Champagne moment.

K's presents included (a) The Piano Player Book 3 (and I've not yet had the courage to start Book 2 yet, yikes!), (b) The Pumpkin Muffin Murder (a novel of crime and baking - what could be nicer?...), and (c) a pair of fingerless gloves that I can attach to the memory stick ports on my keyboard and they heat up and keep my hands warm. Bliss indeed! I am indeed the archetypal icon of fashion here in the Surrey outback. The only thing I have to remember is the wires aren't long enough for me to reach for my dictionary so I have to unplug myself from my personal heating system if I want to look up a word or risk taking the whole computer to the shelf with me, ah well ...

So, this weekend, I've been well enough to bake Orange and Almond Cake, which is horrendously easy and tastes pretty good too. And it's been warm enough to sit in the garden, heavens above. There, we've been admiring the glorious crocuses across the front lawn, and also the honey bees browsing through the winter heather. Oh, and there was a pair of goldfinches flitting about yesterday, so spring must at last be sprung, even if only temporarily.

However, over at The Angry Anglican, I fear I am growing increasingly disenchanted with my lot. Hmm, perhaps we can blame the weather ...

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