Sunday, January 16, 2011

House hunting can be murder ...

Book News:

I'm happy to say that A Dangerous Man received a 5-star review at Goodreads - many thanks for the comments, Lucy. And I'm also about to fax back the contract for A Woman Like the Sea to Untreed Reads, so I'm looking forward to that one being published next month.

My most recent meditation is:

Meditation 485
Best to keep silent
and pay
before the danger
of words
brings you to the dark
where all you can do
is pray.

And there are two Sunday haikus this week:

Pale lily flower,
how you delight in the warmth
of the mighty sun.

All ladders should be
pale pink with hints of glitter
climbing to the stars.

Life News:

Marian and I managed to get in some practice on the golf range on Friday as rain stopped proper play - but it was good to see how my arm coped with thirty minutes of swinging (as it were). Answer: pretty okay really, though it ached slightly afterwards for a while. Still, it looks hopeful for getting out next Friday and actually playing a game, weather dependent, and all the more so as in an actual game I'm not using the arm as constantly as I was on the range.

Yesterday, K and I viewed some more houses, but weren't terribly impressed with the gardens, all in all. We also drove past (several times) a really nice one that we hadn't arranged a viewing for and where the garden was lovely - so on getting home, I was all set to contact the estate agent, but luckily K did a Google search on it to find out some more, as he is inclined (thankfully!) to do, and we discovered that two years ago, the house-owner murdered his live-in girlfriend for having an affair with her boss, and then set fire to the house in order to cover up his tracks, whilst leading their two children to safety. Goodness me, but it's scary here in the shires - and no, I do not want to live in a house where that's happened so recently, call me a wimp but there it is! So my phone call to the agent was never made and certainly won't be now, garden or no garden.

Yesterday evening, we had a lovely dinner and catch-up with Liz & friends, and talked for ages, resulting in us not getting home until gone 2am. So my plans for church today have been thwarted by the need for a lie-in and a lazy day, which I am thoroughly enjoying. There's Primeval and QI from yesterday's TV to catch up on too, plus Larkrise and Zen tonight - this is the life, you know ...

Anne Brooke


csmith said...

Hey dear... have you seen this,-0.49782,51.14112,51.21957%26popupPropertyId%3D28864939%26mapType%3DMap&fromMap=true right opposite bus station which goes to g'ford. About 4 houses up the road from me. Requires extensive refurb, but is a probate sale, so price should be negotiable.

Now you're going to tell me that is the murder-house...



Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee, thank you! Great garden but sadly too far south for K to get any benefit getting to Lightwater to work :)) Looks fab though!


jason said...

Hurrrah for K (Lord H as I still think of him) doing the tinterweb searching or you could have been going to move in to a house with a horrid history! Oh a murky past like that would put the willies right up me.

I like old buildings, but there is a limit!

Anne Brooke said...

Very true on all counts, Jason! :))

Jilly said...

The title of your post sounds like a good book title to me, Anne!

Anne Brooke said...

You may well be right, Jilly!!!