Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give and Take reviews and a bit of a spat

Writing News:

I'm happy to say that The Hit List is now available in paperback at Amazon US and it's received two 5-star reviews at Goodreads here and here. Thanks to both readers!

I'm also pleased to tell you that Give and Take has today received a thought-provoking 4.5 star review at Michelenjeff Reviews and another 4 star review at Rainbow Reviews. Many thanks to both reviewers for that. Give and Take is also now available for purchase at All Romance eBooks, so lovely to be there too.

There's also an interview with me which you can find at Michelenjeff Reviews Site, and a special thank you to Jeff for making me sound almost normal. That must have been very hard work indeed, Jeff!

Meanwhile, A Stranger's Touch received a 4 star review and a 5 star review, both at Goodreads, so thank you again to both reviewers for your comments.

And, if you'd like to try some of my Dreamspinner Press books, they're all at 20% discount for TODAY only so there's still time to buy The Bones of Summer or Two Christmases, or maybe even the pair!

In other book news, the latest chapter of The Prayer Seeker's Journal can now be found here - in which Michael begins to deal with his ex-wife. And I've reached the 30,000 word marker of The Executioner's Cane, hurrah!

There's also been a small but interesting disagreement by commenters responding to one of my Vulpes Libris reviews, which does at least prove that books can raise great passion in us all. A result always to be admired indeed ...

Finally in this section, I'm pleased to say that my poem, Meditation 37, is to be included in the upcoming Short Story Library Best of 2009 collection, which should be published early summer. Lovely to have that to look forward to.

Oh, and here's this week's haiku:

A woman in pink
walks slowly past cool water,
trailing dreams of spring.

Other News:

Marian and I played some pretty reasonable golf on Friday and even managed to produce two good tee-shots just behind the club pro as he was taking a playing lesson. Dammit but he didn't notice, and we certainly couldn't produce them again! And Lord H and I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday wandering around Wintershall Gardens as part of their Open Afternoon, and I have to say the grounds are very attractive indeed. And the staff do particularly wonderful cream teas, mmm ... What could be nicer? Even in spite of the rain.

Yesterday, we spent an exhilarating evening having supper at Liz & John's (hello, both!) and I think I was even relatively well behaved. Well, for me anyway. But this morning, I certainly felt my missing hour, what with the clocks going forward. I won't catch up till the autumn, I tell you.

This coming week, I'm away on the University Administrators' Conference in Warwick from Monday to Wednesday, so will have to look both intelligent and professional for three days. Not much hope there then ... Mind you, I've managed to book myself on to the Learn to Juggle seminar, and apparently you get to keep the balls! Gosh. I can't wait.

Anne Brooke - evil but interesting
The Prayer Seeker's Journal - dealing with the ex ...


Jason Shaw said...

All good reviews, and the spat, is exactly the reason writers write, to invoke feelings on others! My word you've been busy with news this week. It's so vibrant.

Lovely week, lovely news, lovely review, lovely everything really!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jason! I see you're keeping an eye on me, tee hee!! I'm on my best behaviour - honest!

And I get all my vibrancy from you, my dear ...



Drifter said...

I enjoyed reading your review of Kal Bonner’s book. It’s a well thought out review and raises some interesting issues.

The way you were attacked in the comments section, clearly by friends of the author, wasn't very pretty.

Anne Brooke said...

Thank you! And maybe not pretty, but certainly interesting :))

Hugs galore


Jilly said...

I don't very often visit Vulpes Libris but I did look at your review of Kal Bonner's book. Seems as though there was at least one person commenting who had perhaps a personal interest in the book. Opinions are just that and there's no right or wrong about them.

I also ordered a - second hand - copy to see what the fuss is about. I'm always interested in controversy and I thought you were very restrained in your comments.

Teresa Stenson said...

Loved your replies on that 'spat' thread, Anne. Also, your comments about the use of IM in the novel were interesting, and I don't think it's at all to do with the fact that you don't use it - if it just doesn't make for good reading (for you, the reviewer) then that's fair enough.

I've dabbled with similar styles (when I'm writing, I mean) and find they can lose momentum after a while.

S D Everington said...

Hi Anne, I just nominated you for the Author Blog Awards. Check it out at

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, interesting to see what you think, Jilly - let me know! :)) Axxx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Teresa!



Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Shanta! :)) Axxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I've been following you on GoodReads and Twitter (not to mention VL) for a while, but have always been a lurker! Had to come out of the woodwork after reading the Kal Bonner comment thread. Your "critics" sound as if they *were* the author posing as "fans" - hilarious, and also fairly depressing.

You dealt with the onslaught with exceptional grace. :)


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, thanks, Kirsty! Lovely to see you here, as well as at VL of course!! Big hugs to you :)) Axxx