Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bars, birds and wolves

Have had great fun today with the edits for Give and Take, and have now sent these back to my lovely editor at Amber Allure Press. It's due to be published on 21 March so I'm looking forward to that. How I love a good-hearted barman indeed.

Meanwhile, my first ever gay werewolf story, entitled (with that customary leap of imagination for which I am no doubt renowned) Martin and The Wolf, has been accepted by Amber Allure and has a tentative publication date of 13 June. Well gosh. Really, it's amazing what English lecturers (of which Martin is one) get up to.

Other book news is that How to Eat Fruit and Dancing with Lions are now both available at the Untreed Reads bookshop. Please bear in mind that Untreed Reads sells them only in ePub versions, but on that purchase page you can also see where you can find these stories in a wide variety of other e-versions also. Many apologies to those readers who have been confused by this (sorry, Sharon!...), and I hope that now you've got your books you'll be able to enjoy them.

I've also been pleased with a 5-star rating of Maloney's Law at Goodreads, and I have finally managed to get back to writing The Executioner's Cane after a too-long hiatus, and this now stands at the 25,000 word marker. Hurrah. So about one-fifth through then. Possibly. But who the heck can tell, eh? I think I'm getting slightly sidetracked by The Chairmaker's Tale therein (I've always wanted to use the word therein in something - are you impressed?), but I'll see where it goes.

Finally, my review of Chris Killen's The Bird Room is now up at Vulpes Libris. It's a wonderfully haiku-y and very surreal novel so well worth the rather bizarre read.

Lord H and I have also popped along to the University this week to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury in conversation with one of our TV profs, which was highly popular and actually rather enjoyable. I still find the whole Church thing sits with increasing unease on my shoulders these days due to their "official" view of (a) women and (b) gay people. But he's a nice enough chap really, though I became utterly muddled as to what his views on Creationism actually were. For or Against? Who can say?

Tonight, I'm off to see Jane H & Ang (hello, both!) for dinner in Godalming so I am attempting to look presentable amongst the Glamour of the Parish. Is the town really ready for the three of us??

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