Friday, May 08, 2009

Something's afoot ...

Am still recovering from yesterday's amazing Eternal Press online launch party. It was really something. I can honestly say that it's the first time a commercial publisher has actually celebrated the publication of one of my books, rather than letting it slip into the market with half a shrug and a rather embarrassed giggle. And Painting from Life is not even a novel, but a short story. It's made such a big difference to how I feel about it - and I haven't even had to run around organising anything myself. Hell, but that's really really nice. Thank you, Eternal Press - from now on, I'm a huge fan of Canadian publishing.

This morning, Marian and I should have been playing golf, but the sudden downpours put an end to those hopes. Though, bizarrely, I noticed that half an hour after we should have started playing, it was nice and sunny again. Typical eh. But, to be fair, I did need the extra time gained from the day, if only to get my writing (rather than my celebrating) head on - I'm now at the 117,500 word level in Hallsfoot's Battle so it feels nice and normal to get back into it again. I'll be taking the whole lot of them to the great Gathandrian Library in the next phase - it just seems right to have the final battle scenes there. I also have vague ideas as to how that will be, and I'm hoping both Simon and Annyeke can step up to the mark. With or without the mind-cane. We'll see.

And I must say you must all absolutely dash out now and buy Kate Fox's marvellous non-fiction book, Watching the English. It's wonderful - light and bright and wise and funny. And oh soooo true. I can't recommend it enough. I've been laughing out loud at some of the passages, seeing my own and other English people's behaviour in a whole new light and generally thoroughly enjoying the experience. It was a shock to realise that other nations aren't like us - how can this be??? Lordy, even that last statement shows how very English I am, ho ho ... Anyway Lord H also reminded me, just after I'd started it, that we've actually met Kate Fox. Pause for a very English class-ridden but utterly true story - we'd been invited to the races at Goodwood (oh, dahhhlings, you mean you haven't been?? How utterly shocking ...!) as a thank you for an event I'd arranged for my previous company, and Kate Fox gave a presentation on the English at the races. She was very funny, very astute and totally charming - just like her book. Go buy it now.

This afternoon, Lord H and I are donning our deer-stalkers and picking up our magnifying glasses as we'll be spending a weekend with our lovely Egypt friends at a murder mystery event at the Sudbury House Hotel. Oh please please, let me be the one that finds the body and let there be a knife!! That would be so excellent, ah in so many ways. Hmm, go with a friend, come home alone ... It should certainly be an eye-opener. I reckon Lord H did it, you know. He has that slightly mad Pope look in his eye. If you don't hear from me again, tell the police all you know ...

Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing, and I'll catch up with you on Monday! One hopes.

Today's nice things:

1. Eternal Press parties
2. Writing Hallsfoot
3. Books
4. Murder Mystery weekends.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Canadian eh? :) Congratulations Anne! HUGS :)

Jilly said...

Glad the launch was such fun and enjoy your murder mystery - the hotel looks lovely. Hugs

Unknown said...

Yay! I've not had a launch for my book at all so I'm so pleased yours was a really good one. You certainly seem to be on a roll at the moment! xx

Graeme K Talboys said...

Congrats on the launch. There does seem to be a lot of good stuff going on in Canada just now.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, all - much appreciated indeed! And hey I'm back relatively unharmed from the murder w/e, tee hee!