Saturday, March 28, 2009

Primeval, Godot and publisher's blogs

Had a great time last night with the music gang, so thanks for a wonderful evening, all! Lord H's menu of quails' eggs starter, duck & Chinese vegetable pancakes, and chocolate or lemon tarts went down a treat. What a hero indeed. Mind you, it's obvious that at our advancing years we simply can't take the strain, my dears, as it's taken us forever to get up and we're just easing ourselves through the day barely able to walk from room to room. Heck, and I didn't even drink (yes, really). The excitement is just too much for me.

At least it's meant that I can really focus on Hallsfoot's Battle as I don't have the energy to get up and do anything else. So I'm now into the 106,000 word zone, which is where I think I'll leave it for this weekend. Last time I tried to do 4,000 words a week rather than 3,000, it took me three days to recover, so I don't think I'll be doing that again. Besides, I deserve some time off, surely.

Still on the writing front, I've resubmitted another couple of short stories which people didn't want (Gasp! How can that be?! Did they not read them or something???), and also sent out another raft of poetry into the great beyond. I'm ever hopeful indeed. And I've written a poem about witch hunts and sorted out tomorrow's haiku, which came to me this morning while I was drinking coffee - I couldn't face breakfast, which is most unusual for me. Even if the world around me is collapsing into disaster, I always manage breakfast. Well, not today, I fear. Though lunch was the rest of the pancakes which Lord H cleverly heated up with tuna and grated cheese, mmm.

Ooh, and Bridge House Publishing have sent me a list of questions for the blog they're setting up for the upcoming Bible stories anthology, so I've got that sorted out and sent it back to them, plus a picture of me. Hmm, that'll terrify them for sure ... Anyway, I shall look forward to seeing the blog up and running over the next couple of weeks or so, so watch this space.

And we've finally got round to booking tickets to see Patrick Stewart (please please please let him not be ill this time as he was for Macbeth!!) in Waiting for Godot. We struggled with the online booking system but after a brief phone call with a very helpful woman we now have tickets for a Saturday matinee (well, we really can't take late nights, you know) in July, so I can't wait for that. I love Patrick Stewart and the play itself is a work of genius, so what more can you want?

Tonight, it's the return of those wonderful dinosaurs in the glorious Primeval - so at last something good on the TV, hurrah. I can never resist dinosaurs, in any shape or form.

Today's nice things:

1. Writing more of Hallsfoot
2. Poetry
3. Responding to publisher requests
4. Booking for Godot
5. Dinosaurs, hurrah!

Anne Brooke
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Peter said...

We saw the advert for Primeval last night and I said "Anne loves that, she'll be watching" - we're just mourning the end of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (oh my god - our embarrassing secret is out!!!)

P.S. my horrible work week ahead is because ALL the staff at the college are being forced to sit Literacy and Numeracy Level 2 so the college can get it's hands on 'Train to Gain' money (we're one of the many colleges that has spent millions on preparing for extensive building works only for the Government to say 'sorry we've no money now' so they are trying to recoup money wherever they can. I haven't done a test for years - not so worried about the literacy but numeracy is not my forte - can I borrow Lord H?

Sue X

Graeme K Talboys said...

He doesn't turn up you know.

Anne Brooke said...

You know me too well, Sue! I'll be glued indeed!! So sorry to hear about the tests though - I'm sure you'll do fine no matter what and I'll think of you loads ...

And you may well be right, Graeme! You've ruined it now!!


Hugs, both


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean Anne with regard word count burnout. I've learned my lesson with writing marathons: Don't do them! ;) Take care and have a wonderful time with Mr. Stewart.

Anne Brooke said...

Wise advice, Val! And I'm only hoping and praying that Mr S won't be ill when we turn up like last time!!