Friday, March 13, 2009

Scintillating covers and a nice little cheque

Was utterly thrilled last night to get the cover art for my short story, Painting from Life, which will be published as an eBook by Eternal Press on 7 May. I totally and absolutely love it, and I think the artist, Amanda Kelsey, is a genius. I can't wait until it's up on the publisher website and I can reveal it to you. It's one of the most striking covers I've seen in a long time and perfect for the story's themes. Thank you, Amanda! Big time.

Alongside that happy news, I also have an advance cheque for The Bones of Summer from Dreamspinner Press, which they hope to publish late summer. Appropriate really, given the title. Admittedly, they're a small publisher, so it's only $50, which comes out at about £35 in our money, and will be even less than that once the bank has taken their cut - but hey it's more than I've seen for A Dangerous Man thus far, so I'm not complaining one jot! I shall spend it on earrings, I think. Hell, I deserve it.

I also forgot to say yesterday that I've taken another of those fun prejudice tests and I now discover that I'm moderately biased towards the Jewish faith as opposed to any other faith. Which is an interesting result for sure. I always did enjoy the Old Testament, I suppose - though I imagine that I won't be able to call it that now. Next time in church when Jesus is mentioned, I shall be sure to purse my lips and sigh gently. Keep the faith, as they say - well, one of them anyway.

Talking of religion, here's this morning's meditation:

Meditation 89

Bright grapes hang down
from the branch
the two men steal away.

They glisten green in the sun,
whispering of promise
and danger.

When the vineyard is planted,
their bursting beauty
brings only death

and the dryness
of wanting.

This morning I have played golf with Marian - rather badly, I have to say, but it was nice to be out and see the daffodils. Such a glorious yellow (says she dully - but really they are!). And after that I managed to nip into Godalming and get everything I need in record time, hurrah. Plus I remembered to recycle the books we've read and don't want to keep that have been piling up over the last few weeks - so space is created for ... um ... more books. Sigh. It's a neverending cycle, don't you know.

I've also taken Hallsfoot's Battle to the dizzy heights of the upper 99,000 words level so the big 100,000 is even now beckoning to me. It'll have to wait though - there'll be no more of it done today as I've learnt what my limit is, thank the Lord. Interesting though how much I've enjoyed writing this new section where at last Ralph, Simon and the mind-executioner are together again - they're a sparky little trio, and when they're on the page the writing flows much more easily for sure. I suspect that in the rewrite I will have to look at ways of getting them together for their usual verbal/threatening battles before they actually do meet up. If you see what I mean. Well, in the mind-world anything is possible, as long as I can justify it.

This afternoon, I've reaped the benefits of my Alexander Technique lesson - and hell but this week I've needed it. I don't know what it is but over the last few days my back has really been playing me up. Is it the shock of getting back to work and having to sit in front of the computer all the more?? Possibly ... I shall see how it goes over the weekend anyway.

And today is Red Nose Day and Lord H has gone to work in his usual suit but with a bow tie (real of course ... come come, people ...) instead of a tie in response to the demand for casual dress. Well, that is casual dress here in the shires ... I must say though that he looked hugely stylish in it, as if he was about to present a BBC4 art programme. A new career beckons, I feel ...

Today's nice things:

1. The Painting from Life cover art
2. The Bones advance cheque
3. Fun prejudice tests
4. Poetry
5. Golf
6. Writing Hallsfoot
7. Alexander Technique
8. Bow ties.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons for the huge amount of back pain is sitting in chairs for hours on end. I think the average person in the US/UK spends over 70% of their waking lives in a chair. No wonder our backs hurt!

Anne Brooke said...

You're so right, Tim! I'm determined to get out over the weekend and do something that doesn't involve a chair!


Anne B

Jackie Luben said...

Congratulations on the cheque, Anne and glad to hear of your biases.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie! And I know!! I see your influence here, naturally ...