Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flash fiction success, web work and editing

Some nice news today, hurrah – the Fiction at Work ezine has accepted my piece of flash fiction, Over in Five, and will publish it on 9 February. So that’s something to look forward to for sure – and as that will also be Lord H’s birthday it’s a double celebration indeed.

And I must say that last night’s musical, Stand By Your Beds, was utterly wonderful. I loved it. All written by a local amateur with an obviously extensive musical background, it’s the best musical I’ve seen in a long, long time. Why the heck it isn’t on at the West End is a mystery to me. Great tunes, great singing, great characters, great plot and some ace dancing (particularly the tango and the tap) – what more could you want? I’d definitely go again.

So, with that in mind, this week’s heroes are: the Stand By Your Beds cast, Tim Burgess (a headmaster rated highly by Chaplaincy Ruth), and Abbot Christopher Jamison (who wrote Finding Sanctuary and will actually be speaking at the University at the end of March, well gosh).

And here’s this morning’s poem as we race to the end of Exodus:

Meditation 48

Something God told me
long ago,

truth drifting
over a basin of water

on the edge
of a world

not understood.
Gold, linen,

What my hands grasp

is not peace,
but division.

At work, I’m updating the website and attempting to organise the care services staffing for an open evening event at a time when I’ll actually be on holiday. So I’m relying hugely on people’s goodwill and generosity – thank goodness they’re a kind-hearted lot here. As penance for the sin of being away at what has turned out to be a crucial time, I have promised that I will do a Saturday event later in the year – hmm, best get them in the diary now …

I’m also getting to the end of my short story, Little Bird. It’s always exciting to be in the final furlongs of a long short story, so I’m hoping to get that finished off sometime soon so I can start the editing. Then I’ll have to think about where to submit it and who might want an obscure Bible story focusing on the ebb and flow of a marital relationship where the third one in the marriage happens to be God. Hey ho. I love a challenge.

And I've just finished editing my short story, A Lonely Place, for Eternal Press so I'm looking forward to seeing that in their publishing schedules at some stage.

Tonight, I’ll pop in to see Gladys on my way home, and then I’ll need to update my own website with the Pink Champagne news. And it looks like someone has already bought a copy of the Kindle version on Amazon US – so thank you, kind buyer, for that!

Today’s nice things:

1. Having a piece of flash fiction accepted
2. An uplifting theatre experience
3. This week’s heroes
4. Poetry
5. Short stories
6. Editing A Lonely Place for Eternal Press
7. Someone buying an ecopy of Pink Champagne.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - enjoying some publisher attention, hurrah


Jilly said...

Congratulations on the flash fiction Anne. Your short story - Little Bird - sounds like my sort of thing so there must be others out there like me!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly - here's hoping so, eh!