Friday, January 23, 2009

Theatre seats, Hallsfoot and a surprising venture

Well, my dears, well. What more can I say? Lord H and I were somewhat disappointed by our trip to the theatre last night - our name plaques were not yet on our seats (even though they'd been promised) and so our moment of glory is delayed once more. Sigh ... Naturally I fired off a "Disgruntled of Godalming" email to the theatre, and they have replied saying the plaques will be there next week. We live in hope, eh ... After all, I don't want to be chaining myself to the stage door. Again. These winter nights are perishing cold. I also have to say that Life & Beth isn't one of Ayckbourn's best. By a long chalk. I think Lord H's analysis was (as ever) spot-on: it would be best as a one-act play that can be combined with something really funny in the second half. That would do it, I think ...

But to today. Here's this morning's meditation:

Meditation 55

Something is lost.
Between the entrance
and the altar

the gift of guilt
slips through
your fingers,

leaves you
with nothing.
Take hold

of the air
in your lungs.
Let it rise, sifted.

I'd expected a horrendously overpacked day today that would wipe me out completely, but as it turns out it's not been too bad. We didn't play golf this morning due to torrential rain so that's given me an essential breather, though I've missed actually playing. In the extra time alloted me, I've written another 1000 words of Hallsfoot's Battle, which brings me to 81,800 words or so. When I tackle it next, I'll return to see what Johan and Annyeke are up to. On the brink of total disaster, they need to come up with something. And I mustn't forget Ralph either. Lordy, the responsibilities we novelists have - all these characters are beating away at my head, demanding attention, and I feel totally unable to provide for any of their needs. The poor dears. We struggle on together ...

I've also, much to my surprise - though I do admit that it's a story that's been going round my head for quite a while - written my first lesbian erotic short story, Truth or Dare. Indeed, my first erotic short story of any kind. Well, better out than in, they say. And hell it was fun to write, I have to admit - just a shame that the hairdresser arrived in the middle of it, and I had to get out of my lesbian sex head and into my normal Surrey Woman head. Pretty damn quick. Otherwise, poor Lynda might have had to flee for the hills, never to return ... Anyway, both our honours are intact (phew!), and it's now written. It feels like a companion piece to The Secret Smell of Lemons, so it will be interesting to see if anyone bites. As it were. Meanwhile, my hair looks fabulous, dahlings, fabulous.

Oh, and I've managed to write a non-meditative poem, so I have not been idle. I've also had my second Alexander Technique class, which I am hugely enjoying. I can see the differences, even this early on. The woman who teaches it is easy to get on with too, so that's a relief.

Tonight, Lord H and I are at the panto (Oh no you're not! Oh yes you are! And so on ...) seeing Ruth's husband, Douglas, play the dame in Mother Hubbard. He's totally marvellous on stage so I'm looking forward to that. He's behind you! (Sorry, that just popped out ...). So, as you can see, it's just another ordinary day here in the Surrey outback. Hey ho.

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Unexpected free time
3. Writing Hallsfoot
4. Lesbian erotic stories
5. A nice haircut
6. My Alexander Technique class
7. Dame Douglas ...

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Alexander Technique lessons - I've had wonderful experience with the AT myself.

For anybody who wants to learn more, they have a nice site at

Anne Brooke said...

Good to hear, Anon! I think we had the same conversation last week too - consistency is all!...