Monday, March 12, 2007

Wellbeing Group and the Marmite soldier

Straight into the Wellbeing Group today – 9.30am is way too early for a meeting, let alone a Monday morning meeting. I’ve really felt quite low most of the day actually. Drained and shattered. Lord knows why. Oh and I have stiff neck & back syndrome. Moan, groan – sorry. Anyway, the meeting was quite impassioned (I agreed with the views of the most impassioned people) and almost impossible to minute with any degree of honesty, so we’re going to rely on bullet points and a cunning summary. That’s the plan anyway.

Afterwards, I nipped into the Students’ Union and picked up one of the spare tee-shirts from the recent “Know Yourself” wellbeing campaign. Nice design on a decent black shirt, so my idea of perfect, really. This lunchtime, I did steward cover for the gallery sound & vision exhibition. Unfortunately, it was way too loud to sit in the room for long with any degree of comfort so when Jo (gallery co-ordinator) returned, we tried to turn the sound down. Hmm. Bad move. This resulted in the whole thing switching off so nobody could see/hear anything. Bummer. Thank God no-one was actually in the gallery at the time. Ah well. Jo and I had a nice chat anyway, and decided that if anyone came in we'd pass ourselves off as living sculptures. Could make a fortune if we tried ... Still, she’s hoping to call the sound engineers later on. No rush though – this was obviously not the University’s most popular exhibition.

And I’ve written a piece of flash fiction for the next Writewords ( Flash Fiction II group challenge, which has to incorporate the words: horny, devil and Marmite:

‘What the devil are you doing with that?’ Algernon asked as he strode into the living room. ‘And what is it anyway?’
Felicity shrugged nonchalantly. ‘This, darling? It’s Marmite. Surely your mother must have given it to you when you were young?’
She bit into her toast, full red lips closing with a firm crunch on the salty darkness.
‘Well, yes, darling,’ Algernon replied, feeling the tightness in his shirt collar. ‘I just hadn’t … eaten it whilst … naked … before.’
‘Really?’ Felicity said. ‘Doesn’t it make you feel horny? Anything salty is best experienced naked, my love.’

Hmm, never did like Marmite - my mother put me off for life by spreading it on like jam. Scary.

Tonight, Lord H is doing his GM presentation for the theology class, so is very twitchy today. He hates doing these things, but actually I think he’s good at them – especially when he knows the subject and can relax into it more. But I’ve got him some chocolate buttons (his favourite) – a packet for before to calm his nerves and a packet for afterwards to celebrate the fact that it’s over. So I may well regain my Wife Points after the Great Flapjack Disaster of yesterday – you never know …

Oh, and Lord B-I-L ( appears very kindly to have put an entry for me on the Wikipedia ( site, so thank you very much for that, L.B-I-L – much appreciated! It’s almost like being a proper writer, you know …

Tonight, I think I’ll catch up on some video viewing and also watch Part Two of the adaptation of Andrew Taylor’s ( marvellous “Fallen Angel” trilogy. I won’t be able to see Part Three, darn it, but it’s still great viewing.

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting a free tee-shirt
2. Chatting with Jo in the Gallery
3. Being on Wikipedia.

Anne Brooke


Cathy said...

I hope the chocolate buttons work for Lord H!

Peter said...

You are a proper writer, you have books and all that. Something that some of us can only dream about.

I did do a Wikipedia entry for Goldenford as well but that got removed as it written too much like an advert for them.

Anne Brooke said...

So do I, Cathy! I'll find out when he gets back ...

And thanks, Peter! Wikipedia is a mystery to me, so thanks for trying with the Goldenford one anyway!