Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blood, Falling and the Gas Man

Up at the crack of dawn (lucky dawn) this morning in order to get to the hospital blood clinic. I had imagined this would take several days and would be accompanied by a surly, snarling nurse. In the event, I arrived at the hospital 20 minutes before it opened at 9am, took my ticket at 8.44am, was seen by said surly, snarling nurse at 8.46am and was in the car on my way home by 8.55am. So much for my NHS assumptions and prejudices. It almost makes me want to sign the petition to Save the Royal Surrey County Hospital, which I have to admit I have not yet done, as all my most horrendous and tearfully crushing experiences have taken place in that ruddy hospital, and that's not even when I've been visiting someone else. Up until today, I've been quite happy at the thought that they plan to close it and bus us all to Frimley or make us pay for Mount Alvernia (private hospital which is wonderful and so clean). Now, I'm not so sure ... (although of course that's not what I've been saying to people if they ask me, wimp and coward that I am). We'll see.

The rest of the day has been spent typing up my latest additions to "The Gifting" and reading the wonderful "Falling" by ML Rhodes ( which arrived today and which has been so utterly gripping that I've had to finish it. Which has put a gaping hole in my own writing plans, I have to say! It's a novel just up my street (as it were): erotic gay fantasy with a great plot and two excellent main characters. I hope there's a sequel as, if there is, my money is certainly ready and waiting. Oh and the sex was hot too. More graphic than my own gay writing, but hey a girl's got to push the boundaries sometimes, eh?!

In the middle of it all, the gas man arrived to service my boiler (no, that is not a metaphor - steady, people, steady ...). He said he'd be here between 12noon and 6pm, so I assumed the earliest would be 6.30pm. In the event, he turned up at 12.30, thus blowing my assumptions out of the water once more. Has the world gone crazy? Am I in the twilight zone? While he was here, he also said that our boiler is so old it's virtually a collectible, but that it was made in the days when men were men and women were cooking so it'll probably outlast us. So there's little point in succumbing to the lure of a modern flimsy boiler - though he did admit that wasn't what he was supposed to say. Still, I liked his honesty so much that I donated two chocolate cookies to the British Gas Hunger Fund and everyone was happy. Hurrah.

And the lovely Julia ( has kindly given me a mention in her blog as she's reading "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" ( - and in the same breath as Jane Austen too! I'm speechless - for once. Thanks, Julia. Must rush and get my bonnet just now ...

Tonight, I've got counselling at 7.15pm as Kunu couldn't make this morning. And having planned my hospital visit, I would have been panicking about it too - though in the event I could have got there with time to spare for shopping. It'll be good to see her, but I do hate (a) having my routine screwed, and (b) going out in the evenings. God, but I need to see a counseller then. Obviously ...

Oh, and today I am wearing the skirt that Lord H bought me from Orvis ( It's lovely. I must buy more when I next feel up to it. Just thought I'd mention it as I so rarely wear skirts. Maybe the 40s will be my most female decade after all? Either that or the Jane Austen effect is working ... You never know.

Today's nice things:

1. The quick blood test
2. The honest gas man
3. Reading "Falling".

Anne Brooke


Hippy Writer said...

What can I say Anne? The book is fabulous, can't put it down. I hope you'll sign it for me this Tuesday...

Anne Brooke said...

Thank you! That's really nice of you to say, Julia - of course I'll be happy to sign for you!!

You've made my day!



Cathy said...

If it is any consolation Anne, I don't think I really discovered a style of dressing I felt totally comfortable with until I was about 40. It still doesn't involve wearing skirts unless absolutely essential!!


Anne Brooke said...

As always, Cathy - you give me hope!!