Friday, March 06, 2009

Golf, haircuts and Hallsfoot

My, what a busy day. But actually I've quite enjoyed it, I haven't had a headache (hurrah!) and, strangely so far, haven't needed a nap. All of which may be a lesson to me in thinking again about what I believe to be good for me and what isn't. Ah well. Anyway, enough philosophy already - after all, it's the ruddy weekend and thinking deeply is out-of-bounds. Here's this morning's poem:

Meditation 82

In the length of your hair
lies all the purposes
you have towards God;

every strand, every shade,
whether burnt by sun
or darkened in wind,

tells a story.
Let it speak
when you cannot,

waiting only for the day
you give it back again.

This morning, I've had an early golf appointment with Marian, and we had a great time on this bright Spring day, especially as nobody else appeared to be taking advantage of it. More fool them. We both played okay, but I have to say Marian was more okay than I was, so she won by one point. Darnit. I blame that lovely new club of hers, myself. Maybe I should get a new wood too? Or maybe a lesson or two with the pro is on the cards. We'll see ...

Straight after that, the hairdresser came round and I now look like a 21st century woman. For a while. What a relief to us all, eh. It's amazing what seeing out from under the great wad of hair I have can make such a difference to the mood. Totally the opposite from today's poem then.

I've also managed to squeeze in some writing time and have added another 1000 words to Hallsfoot's Battle. I'm thinking of another plot twist too, which will give some oomph to this part of the novel. It'll mean I'll have to go back and alter stuff later, but hell I'm used to that. Sometimes up to 80% of the first draft vanishes in the rewrite, so at least there'll be room, ho ho. So I'm on over 96,000 words now and I'm hoping to reach the magical 100,000 marker by the end of March. Hang on to your hats, people. I have the bit between my teeth. But which bit, we cry ...

This afternoon, it's been bliss getting back into the Alexander Technique zone. I felt as if I was settling into it a lot more during today's lesson for sure, with some greater idea (though really I couldn't have been any worse than I was before) of how everything is supposed to feel. Still a long way to go before I'm treading those catwalks though, so no need to pack for the Paris fashion shows (should they exist - I really don't know!...) just yet.

Oh, and I've sent out yesterday's rejected poems to another potential publisher, so I am managing the pain fairly adequately. For me anyway. Tonight, we really need to do some cleaning before the Domestic Police arrest us for house mismanagement. Again. And there's some TV on but I can't get my head round it or what I want to watch (if anything) - so I'm afraid I'm really no help to my fellow TV addicts this evening.

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Golf
3. Haircut
4. Thinking of a new plot line for Hallsfoot
5. Alexander Technique.

Anne Brooke
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