Monday, March 09, 2009

Back to school …

Back at the coal-face today, just as I was getting used to this life of leisure, dammit … To prepare myself for the onslaught (179 emails, to be precise, 60 of which needed dealing with, sigh), here’s this morning’s poem:

Meditation 85

At the heart
of the cloud
a dark fire burns

and whether it stays
or moves on
dictates your journey.

You’ve heard
that God dwells
in its mystery

but sometimes you wish
for the sun.

Mind you, with all this catching up, there’s not been time to think this morning, so I’ve managed to keep the Monday Misery fairly well at bay. The De-Stress pills have probably helped too, I feel. So I’ve been neck-deep in arranging future meetings, sorting out this week’s meetings and the urgent changes to them and doing an additional urgent typing task for the boss. I can’t make head or tail of it at the moment, but I’m hoping all will become clear soon. Thank goodness I remembered to bring in the Turkish Delight from Istanbul, which I think is keeping us all going today.

This lunchtime, I was hoping to have a calming reflexology session, but sadly Emma can’t make it so I’ve rescheduled it to next week. Instead I walked into Guildford and sorted out some banking stuff – my life is so full of drama and incident, don’t you know. Whilst there, I also bought some new earrings but now I’ve got them back to the office, I’m not so sure they’re really what I wanted (as a second choice as what I really really wanted wasn’t there). Double sighing …

Tonight, the call of Tesco’s has to be answered (cue for more groaning) but I’m attempting to take my own bags as the ones I had from them last time were such rubbish. UPDATE: whilst there, I bought two save-the-world bags, which are actually very good, and now I feel hugely noble. Lordy, that can't last then, can it. Oh and plus there’s zilch on TV tonight, or indeed for the rest of the week, it seems. What is happening to our schedules??? Really, how can I be a couch-potato if there’s nothing worth watching? I feel a letter of complaint coming on.

Oh, and that new fantasy publisher I mentioned only a second ago has already rejected my offering of The Gifting, thus barely giving themselves enough time to read my email query. Lordy, but there’s the sound of deeeep sighing from the shires tonight. They obviously don’t know what they’re missing, the idjits. Bah!

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. De-stress pills
3. Turkish Delight
4. Getting home, eventually.

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