Saturday, May 17, 2008

Websites, review lists and the languishing author

A very quiet day today, people. This ruddy cold has really wiped me out all day and I've been languishing all over the flat making faint groaning sounds. So, a normal weekend then, here in the deep south. At least I am keeping Mr Lucozade in business. Not to mention Mr Kleenex. If there was ever an Olympic sport in snorting like an old horse, the gold medal would already have my name on it. As it were.

I have not been entirely useless though. I have revamped the Goldenford site book pages so each book in the main listing has a thumbnail picture of the front cover next to it, which you can see here. Though I say it myself, we do some shit-hot covers here in Goldenford country.

I've also been thrilled to discover that the lovely and hugely talentedLisa Glass has very kindly added A Dangerous Man to her Book Depository Top Ten List, calling it An erotic page-turner about a violent artist and his stockbroker lover. Gripping plot and sharp characterisation. Gosh, thanks, Lisa - much appreciated indeed!

Ooh, and we have a cuckoo in the street. Joy! We're hearing it every morning at about 10.30 at the moment - it's obviously a late riser, though I suppose it doesn't have the children to take care of so can probably party all night, the little goer. You never see the damn thing of course, but it's a wonderful sound.

Tonight, I'm collapsing in front of "Dr Who", which has a marvellous-sounding Agatha Christie plot. And of course there's "Pushing Daisies". And, I hope, an early night and a more energetic day tomorrow.

Today's nice things:

1. Updating the Goldenford site
2. Lisa's review of A Dangerous Man
3. TV.

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Jackie Luben said...

Sorry to hear about the cold and the medical tests, Anne. I hope it is all dealt with very quickly.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie!