Monday, May 19, 2008

Meetings, cakes and shopping

Good grief. Monday again – funny how quickly the darn day comes round. Also annoying that I feel fine today, having felt like a squeezed-out sponge all Saturday and Sunday. Typical!

Anyway, today, I have caught up with my emails and it looks like nothing too drastic happened while I’ve been away. Thank goodness. I’ve had to get my Focus Hat on this lunchtime though, as I’ve had to minute the Steering Group meeting. And I’m not convinced that particular hat is entirely uncrumpled today really.

And Ruth tells me that she and Douglas drove to a car show over the weekend in their old campervan, but the organisers got the wrong end of the stick and they ended up in the showing arena, where people had to give them points for presentation. It would have been hugely embarrassing if they’d won, as they hadn’t actually entered – but in the end Ruth thinks they only achieved a couple of sympathy votes anyway. Next time, she’ll try to remember to wash the van before they go anywhere in it …

But joy! My new computer has finally arrived and been installed – it’s wonderfully fast. I can get into all my folders in less than a minute from start-up now, instead of the usual ten minutes it’s been taking each morning. What will I do with that spare ten minutes now though?...

We’ve also celebrated the Special Birthday (capitals deliberate, and, no, I’m not saying which it is!) of Beryl in Student Advice with teatime cakes. Mmm … Makes Monday suddenly worthwhile, you know.

Still, back to reality – have had to trog round Tesco after work, dammit, before experiencing the existential bliss of being back at home. And I’m not intending to do very much at all tonight – too much excitement in one day is bad for me after all.

Today’s nice things:

1. Cakes
2. Ruth’s campervan
3. An evening in – eventually

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