Sunday, May 18, 2008

A quiet day

Really, nothing much has happened today. Though I have been feeling a sight better than yesterday, thank the Lord. I just feel utterly and permanently exhausted. Thus explaining this morning's gloriously long lie-in - no chance of my planned visit to the Quakers then - and this afternoon's two-hour (or thereabouts) nap. Days can be so tiring, you know. It's astonishing I get through them at all.

So instead of holiness or the creative effort of writing, I've been catching up with my TV viewing and sudokus. I'm pleased I have finally managed to see "Miss Austen Regrets" which I videoed about five hundred years ago and which has been lurking in the To Be Watched pile ever since. I quite enjoyed it really - but it was all very sad. If clever.

I did also manage to do a few more words to Hallsfoot's Battle yesterday. I'm starting off with Duncan Gelahn, the baddie, this time. It's about time he got a voice of his own in Book 2 of the Gathandrian Trilogy (as I'm calling it in my head) - he's only talked about and encountered (to hopefully scary effect) in The Gifting. Once I've got a decent looking Chapter One extract to Hallsfoot, I'll upload that onto my website too, but not yet awhile.

Oh, and the cuckoo is back, but later on a Sunday - not till 2.30pm. Dirty little stop-out. Also, I've just finished the next in Joseph Hansen's Brandstetter (gay PI) series, Troublemaker. Very enjoyable as ever - they're so sharply written you could scratch yourself on the pages and bleed to death, but I did get confused about the plot in this one. And Dave Brandstetter's boyfriend is an arse. Sorry, but he is. Thank God later in the series, Dave ditches him and takes up with the glorious Cecil. Actually, reading the whole twelve Brandstetter books is more of a re-read as I first encountered them all in my early teenage years. Which possibly explains a lot about my writing style and indeed my characters. Colchester Library has a lot to answer for, don't you know.

Tonight, I'm going to flop like a gutted salmon on the sofa and take in the delights of the third Indiana Jones offering. Yes, yes, I know "Brokeback Mountain" is on the other side, but really, dahlings, naturally I already have the DVD of that one, and anyway the book is a damn sight better. And even more so now I can read it and imagine the glorious Jake Gyllenhaal.

And this week's haiku is:

On this summer night
I wear the skin of the past.
It hangs looser now.

Today's nice things:

1. Napping
2. Reading
3. TV.

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