Friday, May 09, 2008

Golf, Bones and Books

Have managed to edit another couple of chapters of The Bones of Summer today and am now on Chapter 21, p201. It's the start of the end phase, if you see what I mean, so I'll leave it till tomorrow now.

I've also played golf with Marian - Lordy, but we were rubbish. Goodness alone knows what the hell I was doing on the 8th hole, but Marian had to crawl into a bush twice in order to rescue my ball. And I was at that point still on the damn tee. Bloody hell eh!!! Believe me, 5 off the tee is not my best moment ever ...

After that disaster, I popped into Godalming and managed to get all my shopping without irritating people or smashing anything. Makes a change from last week then. I even had quite a jolly conversation with the scary man in Boot's, who now realises I'm insane and handled it accordingly. Probably the best way really.

I've also watched, as per the recommendation of Bill on MySpace, the gay comedy "Bedrooms and Hallways". Thoroughly enjoyed it, so thanks for the tip-off, Bill! And yes, I did love the flatmate. And you can't really go wrong with James Purefroy and Kevin McKidd, can you? It's "Rome" all over again, but with comedy. And without the death, blood and gore. Though there's nothing wrong with death, blood and gore, I have to say ...

Tonight, Lord H and I are off to Pulborough Brooks to their Nightingale Festival, so best keep my ears open. There might even be a few nightjars too - you never know your luck.

And I've just finished reading a glorious short story collection - Laura Solomon's Alternative Medicine. A cracking collection, with emotional acuity (hell, I like that phrase - it sounds like I know something!), humanity and depth. Well worth a read for sure.

Today's nice things:

1. Editing
2. Books
3. Nightingales - I hope!

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